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World Wide Kap Week

The first World Wide KAP Week(end) was the first weekend in May 2008. Starting out as a weekend, the time frame soon expanded to a complete week. Allowing for more kappers to find the time and opportunity to participate. The purpose of the event is to encourage kappers (kite aerial photographers) around the world to use their KAP gear to take photos. Ramon (aka KAPPIX) set up a flickr.com group, where kappers are encouraged to post photos of the event. The earliest seed of discussion that I am aware of was a message that Ramon left about a photo that I had posted from mini-KAPiCA 2008. (I am aka pohutukawa2008.) My reply was supportive, and Ramon got the ball rolling by his posting on Cris' KAP forum.
Some kappers may gather informally to engage in the World Wide KAP Week event. Others may go solo. Regardless, the event promises to be a fun and encouraging annual event! Thank you, Ramon, for organizing this!