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[Archieved Page and reminder for myself what is no!]

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Below old OWFfy rantsy tings:

Shortly about this page:

Looks nicely innocent outside but inside: Oddworld Forums, because why not make it a place like it is today: Fans who may think they are first fans to OWI, trashing other people who sometimes join to this forum and may not have English as their native language.

"All thanks to the forum admins. They should be highly applauded for allowing OWF to sunk.👏"

From here you can find why i don't like 'the Oddworld Forums' community. This community is sometimes pure poison and some of the member base is cherry to top of it. Then it's served to guests and they are screaming while running out. Or if it's similar soul to them the guest stay and turns to them like: 👌

Because it's US forums = Persons with less good English are not acceptable.

OWF Oddworld For-Ums Forums Banner

Members and Admins. Because the "mightyness" have to be the spirit of the OWF

What you can expect?

  • Myself for mostly not liking Oddworld Forums and why.
  • Racism towards non-english speakers.
  • Weird jokes and "jokes" aka Lies 'N' Liers that/who are not making sence.
  • Some Oddworld Forums members spying our created Skype group and forum.
  • Apparently i had been "Dire need of life" and crazy mad person who can't take jokes just for making this page.
  • Some OWF members coming/came to make useless trolls to my Skype group and forum.
  • The "real fan" and "us" forums.
  • "kapteeni did this, kapteeni did that" can be found from 'the Oddworld Forums' search results.


Note: Not all members in Oddworld Forums are soulless people but some of them really are racist.

This page is to show what went wrong on my sessions. The fault was more said to be mine than theirs because they pretend like nothing happened. Oddworld Forums also seems to be over other Oddworld fans.

'The' Oddworld Forums is really a cursed place without soul. I'm sorry but i just don't like Oddworld Forums for many reasons. One is because lieing, Two is unnecessary jealiousness towards me and my friends and three: Oddworld Forums thinks that they are over other fans.

I wasn't against this forum at beginning but as the situations happened it came to this... i don't care if this arcticle is going to get found. I made this for specific purposes but i'm not telling them out here. So let's start:

Today i'm telling the truth behind of Oddworld Forums. I messaged to change this forum to be more kind and friendly but it turned out bad to me. I mean that this is not fair. Not even slightly! Where are their manners? They should respect everyone. ok fine... if i'm not respected... i don't need respect them too. Who are these guys?

I want people know how me and everybody else got threaten in this forum. My English language skills were not good until today but i will still have some work to do for it. But that is not reason to target for specific person like someones in the forum did many times to some members.

Specially new members are targeted. It's highly possible that we get something not welcoming in there.

They even called my italian friend as Spaghetti-Nigga and did not let one german friend to join their MineCraft server and they were pretending like these never happened.

J_dude320, OWF, Oddworld, Forums, Video, Steal, Lie

J_dude320 claiming that i stealed his non existing video and using even exact description of it. This video doesn't even exist in his channel!

"The Annual Forum Awards, they are said to be joke... while it really seems to be made of jealious people to punch crap out of some specific people?"


The Member from worst internet forum called Oddworld Forums. OWF.

ps. The member called Phylum from the worst internet game fan forum called Oddworld Forums still envious when my friend created beta related forum when the betas where not allowed to share on this forum.

Example 2:

"I once liked this forum. When i got to know the current members and mods: i started actually hate this forum when i found out that my language skills were made fun of on my earlist OWF sessions.

From the "Rules" page following is said:

  1. Respect other members and users (This clearly doesn't happen always as i said above. Ignored specially for new members.)
  2. Do not spam. (Clearly this is stated to new members. Regular annoying members are allowed to do this... and mod closes eyes and taps them softly on head that "good boy, keep doing it.")
  3. Keep posts understandable and presentable. (Imagine if the member was not from any english speaking country. He would try to get in with less good English skills but afterall the US forums would punish out this member.)

Example how regular member got away from useless offtopic: http://www.oddworldforums.net/showthread.php?t=22082&page=4

Nepsotic starts useless offtopic, EVP_Glukkon got spam warning for saying "lol" pretty easily by mod, CapitalJ just wondering about rules.

Pretty weird that the Nepsotic got away for starting his offtopic?

T-Nex, Nex, Sorry, kapteeni13

One of the mods. Pretty much only mod long time ago who understood the problem situation as other mods did not care enough about their rule book anyways.

Site: oddworldforums.net

% Rate: 2/5 - Bad User Experience. Needs proper moderators.

+ Pros for:

  • Oddworld Discussion section is good to get latest Oddworld game news and secrets...

- Cons for:

  • Annoying forum with some sarcastic, trollful and disrespectful members.
  • Rules not always making sence.
  • Often offtopic. "Sleeping" mod sorting it out 'later' or maybe not at all?
  • Poor jokes that are not making lot fun or sence.
  • Sex, drug and mature topics included.
  • Persons with bad english are target. Sometimes if your native language is not English you can be target.
  • Pretending members that something did not and never happened.
  • Moderators are corrupt to listen other users and improve this forum.
  • Oddworld Forums Admins for being lazy to do anything to sort this forum out.
  • Using old outdated forum software. Increases worry about privacy and attackers.

= Conclusion:

It's good only for to check latest Oddworld related News but has pretty corrupt moderators while some of the current members are over others who join to forums. If the admins would have been different and fair then everything would have worked, but now it's too late. Admins also use very outdated forum software thus increasing risk for any attack.

Example #1: Trolls

Legendary Oddworld (My friend) is somewhat being trolled and another guy mention how "kapteeni13 had... rather interesting history" which you can read below from My Experience part below.

My friend Legendary Oddworld also created forum to archieve / share Oddworld Betas and OWF members acted like bunch of jerks and they did not allowed him to share real beta.

Link: http://www.oddworldforums.net/showthread.php?t=21765

12d 1m 2016y Edit: www.oddworldforums.net/showthread.php?p=611241

OddjobAbe: "I remember another forum. From what I recall, they came here to advertise. It had little activity and looked ugly, according to my vague memory."

Manco: "Wasn’t that place Russian or Czech or something? I think I remember them coming here."

OddjobAbe: "I think so. Funnily enough, I was going to say I thought it was European, but STM's talk of Aussies made me doubt myself. Cheers, STM."

STM: "(Y)"

Username called OddjobAbe referring to our same forum? Or are they talking about other forum? Or the http://oddworldbetas.boards.net itself?

If yes then they must know that 'their' OWF is not innocent and not enough popular neither. I mean... who is popular and cool on very start creating something up on first time? The answer is nobody.

My friend was not allowed to share real beta in OWF, which is why we created Oddworld Beta Forum. They try stab forum created by me and my friend pointlessly without reason.

Example #2: Foreigner

Lot unhelpful bad jokes. Username Abe asked possibly for PS1 Oddworld games to play on his PS2 but he got first many bad jokes before answer itself.

Sometimes person who doesn't have strong english gets threated differently. Bad english or not... you must respect everybody.

Example #3: Innocent jokes turned to attack?

This is their so called "The 11th Annual Forum Poster Awards". I heard that it was just made for "entertaining purposes" but i think it's not atleast for me. There more or less i got attacked. Some information there is not correct also... but it's true that i deleted stuff but not for the reasons they say. I was also being called as hypocrite + "Member In Dire Need Of Life" by MeechMunchie. Sure thing that "OWF is always right and i'm not."

I'm not the only one who is against this forum. Apparently also it's just only my fault: "Not ours" says OWF. 🤔

Nepsotic, OWF, kapteeni13, Troll, Insult

This guy actually is pervert too and collects perverted furry images.

Q: How can these forums allow this? A: Moderator who gives candy for rule breaking.

--- My Experience ---

Here is where it all started on my forum sessions:


Users called 'MeechMunchie' and 'MA' are annoying to beginner me as possible.

Moderator just locked thread and did not say anything. Also guy who needed help disappeared too and left without help (or went seek it somewhere else)

Same person (MeechMunchie) trying guide others in same thread where i released help trainer:


In one of Music Threads there was guy (Ridg3) who tough that metal was only sick yelling but there is also many metal types like symphonic metal:


kapteeni13, Ridge, Ridg3, Music, Dislike, Disrispect, Rispect, Fart, Music, Call, Jerk, Metal, Type, Symphonic

Where is music taste respect?! Does these forums really have members like these?

MeechMunchie from Oddworld Forums
MeechMunchie, meechmunchie, Oddworld, oddworld, Forums, forums, OWF, owf, kapteeni13, Kapteeni13, Member, member, Dire, dire, Need, need, of, Of, Life, life

"Member in Dire Need of a Life

kapteeni13" ~MeechMunchie

Everybody else took it as joke but this might as well have hidden verbal finger.

He says that i should get life. But he doesn't even know what my life contain.

Also there is this guy called Pirfsich:


"I always read kapteeni13's posts on FB with a russian accent, btw.

Just wanted to get that out here.

Bye." ~Pirfsich

Very unrelated to art thread but this kind of message appeared.

How can finnish guy make russian accent in text?

Also end part of message is sign of bad behaviour.

Angel, angel, Satan, satan, OWF, owf, ScrabTrapMan, STM, scrabtrapman, stm, MA, ma, kapteeni13, Kapteeni13, Comparison, comparison, member, Member, Annoying, annoying, Forum, forum

"He is angel good... except kapteeni. Poor poor kapteeni"

Notice how this image have "This guy is angel good and this guy is bad" thing?

They itself make comparison of every member and sometimes make new members go away.

gishygleb, Gishygleb, OWF, owf, Ignorant, ignorant, bd, BD, birthday, Birthday

Someone elses birthday being skipped on Oddworld Forums on purpose? Sign of rejecting.

These guys only wish birthdays to their own circle. When there is new member with birthday = He is "forgotten"

# 1: No talking about Oddworld in "Oddworld Forums" Facebook group

Oddworld Forums Facebook

# 2: "I want to post your bad English"

JohnnyK (victim) emailing to Nathan "Nate" with less good english. This is so weak... specially if his email was really posted visible but that is unknown.

29d 2m 2016y: Nate posted about this: "I'm going to point that saying I'd like to do something, then not doing it, means I'm a better person than he (kapteeni) is."

"I'm better person" ... "better person"... Not really. Person who claims to be better person than someone really is not really.

# 3: "they're literally a child." ~Slog Bait

Oddworld, Forums, Slog, Bait, Racist

# 4: Laugh to foreigners.

MeechMunchie, meechmunchie, OWF, owf, Laugh, laugh, at, At, Foreigners, foreigners, face, Face

It's "funny" how racist you are.

Oddworld Forums, OWF, Violet Void, Mod, Spam, Moderator, Intolerance, False Naming, Members, Member

I agree with this person... This was picked from one of the welcome threads from right here.

This person also got banned for being multiaccount? I'm not fully sure if that ban was legal one or what is going on.

This racist fan based unofficial forum made also appearence in New 'N' Tasty credits.

Though Oddworld.com calls it unofficial at http://www.oddworld.com/2016/04/new-n-tasty-easter-egg-finally-discovered/

I originally hoped Oddworld Forums to grow too as seen in following Wayback Machine page:


I used to login and check in back then. Honestly... I don't like how OWF is acting today. Pretty much they are racist to some people.

I should be happy about their community, but i'm not entirely because they caused problems and threated me and my friends like crap.

This is just how we see Oddworld Forums today: Racist community with haters and liers.

But days back to 2001 - 2005 Oddworld Forums looked really nice and respecting. It had friendly air.

Everybody should be warmly and evenly respected. But that is not case unfortunanely for OWF.