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2018-07-09 19:12 - New Site outlook.

Converterted from old site to new sites. Expect some broken embeds. Other wise looking nice after sorting out stuff.

2018-02-24 17:59 - Skype Issues and my site still alive... somehow.

Had been lazy to update but this is something atleast. Skype seems to be going downhill thanks to Microsoft. Well... recently some russian "Skype Talker" bots had been joining to my group advertise some Skype Talker program. They come, they post sh*t, leave... they come again and repeat same 2-3 times. This makes me question whether some of my friends has caught virus or Skype's security has gotten so bad that these come. Then the tool to remove spam has been taken away by Microsoft... in this case i would have needed it. I don't need suspicious Skype bot spam links that could take anywhere.

Skype is for sure making slow death. Take a look at the new UWP version of Skype. It looks like randomly put together downgrade. I often hear stuff like that call notifications are not working at all. So it sounds very unstable.

Recently they took down the 7.40 installer which is known as Classic Skype for Desktop. They took it because according to MS attacker could put some nasty code to installer that takes control over your system? According to other site this was already patched... in the UWP and 8 versions of Skype. Coincidence? Don't know but it could be Microsoft pulling tricks to force users use the highly critized UWP version of the Skype.

Well... I had been also quite sometime already in Discord and it looks good. I just got one temp ban for unknown reasons but i got it solved. About 80% i feel positive how Discord does and manages stuff.

But back to site... i try update my site as possible. Not really active to update but should keep trying update and fix stuff in site. That's all for now i think. Phew...

2017-07-02 18:36 - More Fixed Download links

So i tried to move to Google Drive but found out that my trainers were blocked. (Because obviously they were though as virus and striking against guidelines. <_<

I actually removed and moved my old files without thinking. When i moved back to OneDrive i realized how the old links broke.

Now i have fixed some more links recently to patch my mess. Sorry everyone and thanks for patience while i keep fixing.

2017-01-24 21:01 - New Google Sites Preview

You can check new Google Sites preview test by me on

Though it looks nice and simple, it feels like something from classic sites is still missing.

Converting is said to be possible somewhere 2017-2018 but don't know yet about moving. Atleast still can use classic sites. :)