Rwanda Project


At the Chapter Leader Academy in September 2006, Sigma Theta Tau Region 10 leaders gathered for a meeting. (Kappa Epsilon Chapter-At-Large is part of Region 10.) We decided to follow President Picard's call for getting involved in a global initiative. Yolanda Babenko-Mould (Iota Omicron, University of Western Ontario) told of her participation in "Rebuilding Health in Rwanda." Thus, this idea seemed like something we could get started on immediately as our first region-wide initiative.

As people who live in wealthy countries like the US and Canada, we may take many things for granted. For one, the condition of our hospitals. Our hospitals have what seems like a limitless supply of the necessary basic hygiene items. Although many advanced care supplies may seem limited at times, imagine not have the daily toiletry items to perform basic hygiene care on patients. I don't have to remind you of the impact that cleanliness and washing of hands has on the health of our hospitalized patients. What if our hospitals didn't have dietary departments? think of how that would impact the nutrition and healing of our patients. These are the basics of health care that we take for granted. Consider this an opportunity to share our reality of exceptional basic healthcare we provide in our hospitals with those (in Rwanda) who are less fortunate.

Dr. Cindy Beel-BatesĀ  presented a check for $800.00 from Kappa Epsilon Chapter-At-Large to the coordinators of this project at the biennial
convention in Baltimore on Sunday, November 4, 2007.

Donor Registry

Genevieve Barrett
Dr. Cindy Beel Bates
Dr. Linda Bond
Calvin College Student Nurses Association
Joan Casler
Dr. Sharon Etheridge
Grand Valley State University Student Nurses Association
Leonard Hickey
Marlene Holstine
Hope College Student Nurses Association

Dr Carrol Iwasiw (standing, 1st on right), Dr. Pam Skinner (standing, 2nd from right), Director of Nursing of the Public Hospital in Rwanda (seated, 1st on right with gold scarf), with other staff

Carrie Kurz
Samantha Papak
Jeanne Roode
John Vanderlaan
Marcia Yaw

Donations In Honor Of

Dr. Cindy Beel-Bates - Grand Valley State University
Dr. Linda Bond - Grand Valley State University
Dr. Julie Coon - Ferris State University
Dr. Cindy Coviak - Grand Valley State University
Susan Fogarty - Ferris State University
Dr. Barbara Given - Michigan State University
Dr. Jean Martin - Grand Valley State University