Gen 4 emuRNG Prerequisites:

  • Own the respective Generation Pokemon cart.
    • You must have done RNG on the DS including Stationary Legends on any version.
    • RNG Guides written by Kaphotics located here.

  • Download the following packages:
    • DSEMU RNG Package here.
    • emuRNG Guide for DSEMU here.¬†
      • Note: These were specifically packaged for Generation 4 use.

  • Follow the Guide and use the DSEMU RNG package as described in the guide.
    • If you are unsure on how to RNG the particular Pokemon, read the guides linked above.

Note: You must provide your own working Roms (.nds) to RNG on the emulator.

Want some tips and insight about RNG on Emulators? Check here.
HGSS unimportant emuRNG Notepad here.