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 December 2007

New litter planned for spring 2008.

JCh Kan Trace Coca Cola "Shorty" x JWW Skyeomania's Tux Tuxedo


Roza is expecting puppies

More info soon

Happy Holidays

Roza (red) & Jazz (black & tan)

From Russia
Excellmagic Cesarica Cecilia - Junior Champion of Russia, Junior Champion of Estonia, Junior Champion of Lithuania and Junior candidate for Champion of the Russian Dachshund Club.

She is from Jazz x
ZOULY iz Ryzhego Raja "Dusya" combination

Excellmagic Crvenkapica Circea

She is from Jazz x ZOULY iz Ryzhego Raja "Dusya" combination

New mating in the kennel

Multi Ch WW Kan Trace Bad Luck "Jazz"
JCh Kan Trace Crazy Erica "Erika"

Inquiries around the World are welcome so feel free to contact us: 
+385 98 230 118 (Gordan)
< XML="true" PREFIX="SKYPE" NAMESPACE="">            +385 98 364 725        (Natalija)

Photos of "J" litter
2 red females from this litters are still available

INFO:             +385 98 230 118        (GORDAN) or e-mail: (NATALIJA)


November 2007

Info about KAN TRACE puppies : 
            +385 98 230 118        (Gordan)
+385 98 364 725 (Natalija)

CACIB ZAGREB (ZAGREB WINNER -  25.11.2007) >>> Jazz won BIS >>>judge: Ron Menaker (USA)
Jazz was handled by Mr Ante Lucin



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New Photos of  "I" litter (photos of red female and black brindle female were blurry so they are not published)
1 red brindle female and 1 red brindle male are still available >> INFO: +385 98 230 118 (GORDAN)

CH. Rosan Hill Shaded Strands  MS "Tigri is available at stud.


From litter "I"  red and red brindle male and one red brindle female are still available.

From litter "J" one black and tan male and two red females are still available.

Photos soon!

October 2007

"Tim Pet" dog clothes handicraft is making excellent overcoats and raincoats for DACHSHUNDS



Djurdja is now in Croatia (loved by Petar)

New photos of miniature girl Luce (sired by Rosan Hill Shaded Strands)

New puppies in the kennel, litter "J" (3m/4f)
Sire: Kan Trace Elmer Fudd
Dam: Achtung Baby That's The Point " Ribica"
Very interesting line breeding
>>> pedigree

Nimik Drag "Jazz" 6.5 mo. old (sire Jazz, dam
Tueholt Afrodite)

Adios Amigos That's The Point "Charlie" is now available at stud


Ved Skovens Austin Rover (Jazz's son 5 months old)...owner/breeder Ved Skovens Kennel

Kan Trace Firecracker "Pero" >>> new photos from Dubrovnik

9 mo. old at photos

Litter "I"
Sire: Rosan Hill Shaded Strands
Dam: Kan Trace Dee Dee


phone+385 98 230 118 (GORDAN) or             +385 98 364 725        (NATALIJA)

Petra Vukelic (Calpus) is now in Denmark with Djurdja and the Ved Skoven's bunch.

Pertli vom Golf is now with us. She is lovely girl.

We have red brindle standard puppies(1m/1f) available for sale >>> puppy page
(black an tan and solid red puppies also available)
Sire: CH Rosan Hill Shaded Strands
Dam: JCH Kan Trace Dee Dee
D.O.B.: 06/10/2007 (October)
More info : 

Photos soon


From Norway >>> Kan Trace Foxy Lady
(at photo 9 months old)

Owner: Kennel Revestreken and Kennel Valera


Sire: Rosan Hill Shaded Strands "Tigri"
Dam: Kan Trace Dee Dee "Dadica"

 September 2007

Photo from Russia
Excellmagic Cornelius Cincinnat 9 months old ( Dusya and Jazz's son)

New photos of Djurdja


Photo of Nimik Demitri (Jazz's son)
at photo 5 months old

New photos
from Russia:  Casper (sire: Jazz -dam: Dusya) after first show
from Croatia: Dusko BIS Puppy at CACIB Varazdin and muddy Jazz


Jazz and Roza ( with friends) on the cover of Croatian kennel Club magazine "Moj Pas"

The whole article about dachshund (with more photos) can be found at
(Calpus - wires and mini smooth Luche)

Durdja (Ved Skovens All that Magic) is expected in the kennel at the end of this month

Pertli vom Golf is going to be in our kennel :)
Sire: Kan Trace Bad Luck
Dam: Fruska vom Golf

 Her sister Prézli vom Golf is goining to stay in the kennel vom Golf

 Jazz's son Nimik Drag "Jazz" (breeder/owner : Michael-kennel Nimik)

4 mo. old

August 2007

  • Kan Trace Hola has new owners :)

Hola and Roza (photo: T. Klemencic)

  • Emir von Edlem Gemut found great forever home in the v.d.Mibaf'sHoeve kennel.
    He is very happy there. Thank you Lammy :)

(6 weeks at photos)

  • Summer holidays

July 2007

  • New photos of our mini Luce

  • Soon in the Kan Trace kennel...Jazz's daughter Ved Skovens All that Magic

  • Kan Trace Firecracker "Pero"
    at photo 5 months old


June 2007


  • New photos of Dusko (5 months old)

  • We have 1 female puppy from Roza and Hamlet

  • Pixie aka LUCE (miniature/kaninchen puppy) is now in the Kan Trace kennel (she lives in the Calpus kennel)

    More about Pixie soon


May 2007



  • Jazz is at home with us :)
  •  20/05/2007  Helsinki dog show ...nice photo of Jazz and Ante
    click the link for the page where you can see the photo (he is 4th in BIS)

  • From Russia---Jazz's son
    3.5 mo. old Casper (Russia)


  • Denmark - kennel Ved Skoven's -Ved Skoven's V. Arwen The Queen is expecting puppies (sired by Jazz).
    More info:

    Arwen gave birth to 10 puppies !

  •  From Denmark Photo of Jazz's puppies

  • From Russia --- new photo of Jazz's puppy

kennel Excellmagic

Jazz's doughter Excellmagic Crvenkapica Circea - 3.5 months old



  • Tigri has new litter in Russia with kaninchen

April 2007

  • Rosan Hills Shaded Strands "Tigri" has puppies in Russia with Missy vom Golf 

  • New puppies in the Kan Trace kennel - litter "G"

    Sire: Nimik Correborree Red Gum "Hamlet"
    Dam: Kan Trace Black Magic "Tonkica"
    5 males (2 red, 3 black and tan)
    4 females (3 red, 1 black and tan)


    • New mating

    Nimik Corroborree Red Gum "Hamlet" x Calista del Conteverde "Roza"

    More info:

    March 2007

    • Kan Trace Foxy Lady is going to Norway this summer. Her owners are kennel Revestreken and kennel Valera

    At the moment she is guest in kennel Calpus (Croatia)

    • Vatroslav found new home in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)


    • Pero is going to Dubrovnik, Vatroslav is still with us

    • New photos of Tigri by Nina

    • Kan Trace Dee Dee is not expecting puppies

    More info soon.

    • Emir's photo from Nederlands

      He is doing great :)
    • "F" litter
      Kan Trace Feel the Grunge "Vatro"

    • Available puppy
      Excellmagic Candour Cukarin Kan Trace "Dusko" came to Croatia.
      At the photo with our black and tan dapple Kan Trace Firecracker "Pero"

    • New photos
      Our photographer Nina took some photos of our black and tan dapple males.
    Kan Trace Cinnamon Snack "Gjuro"

    Kan Trace Cookie Monster "Kuki"

    February 2007

    • Waiting list for puppies from Tigri x Dee Dee combination is open.
      Fell free to contact me by e-mail for more info.
      Puppies expected at end of March.

    • Excellmagic Candour Cukarin will come to Croatia
      -for sale to show/pet home
      Sire: WW CH. Kan Trace Bad Luck "Jazz"
      CH. Zouly iz Ryzhego Raja "Dusya"

    • New hopes staying in the kennel (co-owned)

    Kan Trace Feel the Grunge "Vatrek" (male,black and tan)
    Kan Trace Firecracker "Pero" (male,black and tan dapple)
    Kan Trace Futurama (female, red dapple)
    Sire: ALARIC RUFUS van`t Woeste Huys
    Dam: BOSSA od Bencica

    • New mating

      We hope that we will have Hamlet and Tonkica's puppies this spring.

    • Hamlet arrived in the Kan Trace kennel

    (photo taken from

    • New mating in plan

      We plan to mate Jazz's litter sister Kan Trace Black Magic "Tonkica"
      (at photo 5 weeks pregnant) with Hamlet.
      More info soon.

    • Black and tan male (Casper or Cukarin) puppy for sale

    from Excellmagic kennel, Russia
    Sire: WW CH. Kan Trace Bad Luck "Jazz"
    Dam: CH. Zouly iz Ryzhego Raja "Dusya"

    "Sign on bulletin board: Puppies for sale. The only love that money can buy."Pam Brown

    More about Emir von Edlem Gemut you can find at official kennel site :
    He is available at stud. More

    • Jazz is in Denmark

    Jazz safely arrived in Denmark. He will be at the Nimik kennel untill Euro Dog Show in Zagreb.
    He is available at stud. More info

    • New mating

    Achtung Baby That's the Point "Ribica"
    is expecting puppies with Rosan Hill Shaded Strands.
    More info:

    January 2007

    • We'll have an absolutely stunning male in our kennel available at stud
      "Hamlet" - stunning male from famous Danish Nimik kennel

    Sire: Laen Rumourz Run Riot At Hampdach
    Dam: Nimik Sille Sus
    Date of birth:
    Color: red
    Ch: DNK, MDA, RUS, RKF, INT; FT: Fox
    Contact us:

    • New puppies in the Kan Trace kennel

    Dam: Bossa od Bencica
    Sire: Alaric Rufus van't Woeste Huys


    6 beautiful puppies interesting colors were born on January 7th 2007!!!
    3 males & 3 females: 1 black&tan male, 1 black&tan dapple male, 1 red male, 1 red female and 2 red dapple females.

    Feel free to contact us if you are interested in purchasing a puppy from this combination ("F" litter) and/or

    • Our Kan Trace Bad Luck "Jazz" is going to be a guest in the NIMIK kennel

    More about Jazz you can find at HOME page and/or official kennel site

    Jazz's puppies for sale

    kennel Excellmagic

    • New mating

    We hope that mating Rosan Hill Shaded Strands with Kan Trace Dee Dee will be successful and that we will have their puppies this spring


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