Goal 7: obtain additional funds to support initiatives.

  • Fund and fill a grant writer position to acquire more funding to assist with meeting these goals.
  • Develop operating procedures for and identify an initial volunteer grant writer/supervisor. Maybe provide incentive pay for grants applied for and bonus for grants received. 
  • Establish a free work area and automation support for the volunteer above. Maybe office space at Region 2 HQ or sympathetic individual, business, or other organization that will volunteer existing workspace.
  • Develop and pursue a strategic plan to establish a Wildlife Habitat Improvement stamp to raise funds to support habitat initiatives; Host a Wildlife Habitat Improvement Stamp art contest.
  • Establish a wildlife habitat advocate specialty license plate.
  • Educate upland hunters and wildlife enthusiasts of the need and how the money will improve all wildlife - not just pheasants and quail.
  • Research how it works successfully in other states.
  • Develop a written action plan for how to manage the effort and make it happen. Include a timeline. Include wildlife organizations’ petitions to The Kansas Wildlife and Parks Commission.
  • Approach designated representatives in the State government to champion and use his/her influence in supporting this objective.
  • Auction off via Ebay a KDWP elk permit with an out of state hunting license. Provide funds to KDWP ‘fenced’ for habitat projects.
  • Work with all partners to pool funds and other resources to focus on these objectives.

Goal 1: Promote continuous CRP for expiring CRP contracts
Goal 2: Develop and distribute marketing information and educational materials to promote upland game and economics
Goal 3: Develop more habitat improvement teams/capabilities in NE Kansas

Goal 4: Improve brood habitat

Goal 5: Conduct upland bird workshops to promote good habitat and wildlife management activities

Goal 6: Establish incentives to encourage land management practices beneficial to upland birds
Goal 7: Obtain additional funds to support initiatives