Goal 1: Promote continuous CRP for expiring CRP contracts.

  • Publish and distribute a simple brochure/factsheet showing the advantages, net income, and lack of risk in keeping land in CRP.
  • Work with FSA and NRSC state level employees to get this put together in a timely manner.  Include USFWS in factsheet development.
  • Provide a Workshop to train county and area level USDA employees on how to respond to landowners that will have expiring CRP contracts.
  • Provide training at service centers to facilitate that most employees are made aware of the CCRP options.
  • Publicize and conduct “Town Hall” presentations in NE Kansas counties showing the advantages and net income in keeping land in CRP.  Prioritize counties based on number of expiring CRP contracts.
  • Find/aggressively engage champions to support the keeping of portions of expiring contracts in CCRP.
  • Find local producers that have converted contracts to CCRP to attend meetings and offer insight to other producers.
  • Invite federal and state legislators to all training and town hall meetings.
  • Provide additional funding incentives to keep in CCRP practices or at least in native grass.
  • Explore public access bonus so we can advertise this as an added financial  incentive.
  • Advertise that KDWP will provide cost share for cool season conversion from CCP to CCRP practices.
  • Inventory and publish a list of available good brochures, news articles, etc that show the advantages and net income related to keeping land in CRP. 
  • Direct mail materials to owners of land coming out of the CRP program.
  • KDWP biologists or local buffer coordinators may need to make direct contact with producers this first year.

Goal 1: Promote continuous CRP for expiring CRP contracts
Goal 2: Develop and distribute marketing information and educational materials to promote upland game and economics
Goal 3: Develop more habitat improvement teams/capabilities in NE Kansas

Goal 4: Improve brood habitat

Goal 5: Conduct upland bird workshops to promote good habitat and wildlife management activities

Goal 6: Establish incentives to encourage land management practices beneficial to upland birds
Goal 7: Obtain additional funds to support initiatives