Standing Rules

Kansas Twisters

  1. Dues are $10.00 per year payable on or before October 1.
  2. Revoked 9-14-2013.
  3. Revoked 9-14-2013.
  4. The Vice-President will serve as Wagonmaster. Wagonmaster will establish where  rallies will be held if there is not a volunteer host with a specific place for a rally. Hosts will plan activities for individual rallies (meals, games tours, etc.)
  5. A member not wearing a nametag at the Rally will be fined $1.00.
  6. Nominating committee will be elected at the last annual meeting of the year in even numbered years.
  7. Election of officers will take place at the last annual meeting of the year in odd numbered years.
  8. Rally refunds will be made at the discretion of rally hosts and/or wagonmaster.
  9. The Treasury money shall be used to rent buildings at rallies, not based on how many people are going to be there, if needed.
  10. Revoked 6-21-2014.
  11. The Treasurer will pay documented bills presented by rally hosts and business expense bills from officers. Payment of bills presented is at the discretion of the Treasurer. The Treasurer may defer payment until approval of the general membership is granted at the next business meeting. 
  12. The Chapter will pay for one nights lodging for the host and co-host at each rally.  If there is no co-hosts, host will receive 2 nights camping paid by the Chapter. 

Revised 6-21-2014

Kansas Twisters,
Aug 21, 2016, 6:26 PM