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May 26th Wakarusa Wetlands Protest

posted May 26, 2010, 7:12 AM by Dr. Cynthia Annett
The Unconscionable, 
Wetland and Wildlife Destruction on 31st Street

Wednesday, May 26, 2010 from 3-6pm

See below for location and parking suggestion.

Mr. Perkins, Operations Director for Douglas County Highway Department, confirmed that a beaver dam has been removed from the southeast end of the Haskell portion of the wetlands beside 31st Street. He ordered the dam to be destroyed, he says, in order to insure that 31st Street would not flood if we got more rain. In actuality this beaver work was well below the street level. Water regularly goes over the top when it rains.

All three county commissioners have been notified. None were apparently aware of any wetland drainage project. 

Haskell WPO students have been working on a nature trail and eco-walk on that side of the highway for months and have a small grant and donated materials promised to complete the project, which is now essentially dead. Also killed are untold hundreds of amphibians, fish, nesting birds whose young  are now exposed to predators, and wetland animals who have suddenly become homeless and are being flattened as they try to cross the road. 

Haskell students photographed almost 100 road kills on 31st before rush hour began. 

Please join a protest from 3:00 to 6:00 pm this afternoon along 31st Street, and pass this on to anyone who may want to join in. There is repair work going on along that section through the wetlands, so it is one lane today and probably tomorrow as well. Parking at Broken Arrow Park may be the best bet. 

Lawrence Sustainability Network

Supports the Preservation of the Wakarusa Wetlands