From the President

posted Jan 14, 2011, 1:28 PM by Ramandeep Dulku   [ updated Jan 14, 2011, 7:03 PM ]
December 2009
Dear Friends:

As always, the Kansas Riverkeeper and the Board of Directors for Friends of the Kaw have been hard at work discussing our goals for protecting the Kansas River and developing a strategy to implement these goals.  One of the priority issues that came out of our most recent meeting was the need to engage and grow the membership.  We realize that Friends of the Kaw has a vast network of highly educated and passionate members that truly care about the quality of the Kansas River and its environs.   We believe that our membership base has historically been an underutilized resource in our efforts to protect the Kansas River and for that oversight we apologize.

To put it quite simply, we need your help if we are going to be successful in our mission to protect and preserve the Kaw for future generations.  As you are well aware, an organization is only as strong as its members.  Our goal this year is to increase our strength by doubling our membership and utilizing the resources that you as a member bring to our organization. One of the most effective ways to attract new members is for us to tell the story of the Kaw and the threats it faces.

You can help us reach our membership goal by suggesting organizations that may be interested in hearing a presentation on the Kansas River and putting us in contact with the leaders of those organizations.  In the past we have presented to church groups, civic groups, youth groups and other nonprofits.  We would like to share our new community mapping program with as many groups as possible - this information will be integrated into Friends of the Kaw's River Inventory.  If you have any suggestions for potential speaking engagements please feel free to email me at or email Laura Calwell at

One additional way you can help us this year is to make a tax-deductible, charitable donation to Friends of the Kaw.  As you are probably aware, Friends of the Kaw is the only environmental organization in the state of Kansas that has a full-time paid employee dedicated to monitoring those issues that impact the Kansas River.  While Friends of the Kaw has been very successful in writing grants, those funds are committed to specific projects and cannot be used pay to the Riverkeeper for the time she spends conducting her enforcement activities.  We are asking you to give what you can and help us keep the Riverkeeper investigating polluters, patrolling the Kansas River and most importantly educating people about the wonderful opportunities a clean Kansas River brings to the citizens of Kansas.  Making a tax-deductable charitable donation to Friends of the Kaw is easy.  You can visit our website at and make your donation online or you can always mail us a check at: Friends of the Kaw, P.O. Box 1612, Lawrence, Kansas 66044.
On another note, our staff has been knocking themselves out this past month to design an updated and improved website that will go live next week.  We hope that you will be impressed with the many new Google maps, improvements to the Kansas River Access map and information on counties and communities bordering the Kaw.  Please send us your comments on the new website as we are always looking for ways to improve our message and provide information about the Kansas River.  
As always, we thank you for being members of Friends of the Kaw and look forward to hearing from you soon.  If you have any questions about Friends of the Kaw’s planned activities for this year or any other matter, please do not hesitate to contact me or the Riverkeeper. 
Very truly yours,
Chad Lamer, President
Friends of the Kaw
P.O. Box 1612
Lawrence, Kansas 66044
785 312 7200