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June 1st, Meeting Notes, Kansas Forest Service Office Manhattan

posted Jun 10, 2010, 9:01 AM by Paul Ingle

Present: Melinda, Mark, Dewayne, Carol, Charlie, Billy, Laura, Eric, Cynthia, Heidi, Paul, Corey

Billy Beck was introduced as the new Kansas Forest Service Watershed Forester.  He gave a power-point overview of the work he is doing with the KS Forest Service and his past work and experience.

Charlie presented the latest draft of the KRWG brochure. A few comments for changes are listed below.

Need to get a better resolution logo from KGS.  Need additional logos.  Put in updated mission statement. Get disclaimer statements posted.    Send any additional suggestions in the near future. Charlie will present final draft at he next meeting.

Mark reported nothing has been moved forward with NRCS in regard to getting Tamzen Stringham from the national riparian team back to Kansas for training.  Mark did report two individuals (Jeff Repp, Homer Sanchez) are coming in Kansas from NRCS tech center to do riparian eco-sites in Barber County.  This is tentatively set for August.  Mark will  Contact David Kraft, NRCS State Range Specialist, about setting a  time when a few KRWG members could meet with them to learn more about how they are determining eco-site descriptions for riparian areas.

There was a consensus that the group would still like to have Tamzen come back to Kansas for training KRWG members and others in the State interested in assessing riparian conditions.  Paul will work with Carol to write a grant for getting her here.  Melinda and Charlie will speak to faculty members about K-State sharing the cost by also having Tamzen as guest colloquium/seminar speaker at K-State.  The goal was set to get Tamzen here in May or June of 2011. 

Melinda mentioned that another national expert in fluvial geomorphology is Andrew Simon from Oxford Mississippi on Fluvial Geomorphology.  He might be another possible person of interest to come to Kansas and share his knowledge with the group.

Mark shared with the group that NRCS has published SVAP-II (Stream Visual Assessment Protocol).  Cynthia has downloaded it to the website.  Paul shared with the group that the July 29-30 Stream Assessment Workshop teaches the SVAP assessment, and that there is still space available for this year’s class.

Cynthia reported on the Website – continue to build on it!  Send stuff to Paul and he will get it posted.  In addition, see if you can get your agency or organization to link to the KRWG site.

Carol brought up the need to look at the USDA Continuous CRP option of Marginal Pasture Land.  This option pays landowners for fencing out riparian areas in pasture land, but has not been widely used because the rules are quirky. Perhaps at a future meeting this could be discussed.

The next KRWG meeting will be July, 16th. Meet at Ogden ramp at 9:30 AM.  Head up stream to JC, end up back at Ogden about 3:30.  Laura needs to know ahead of time to have enough canoes.  Laura will send background material ahead of time.  Go to Ksriparian.org got to link Friends of the Kaw inventory.  We will be assisting Friends of the KAW with a riparian inventory.  It is not a social “float trip” but a working scientific expedition so leave the kids, dogs, and beer at home.

The meeting adjourned at 11:45 AM and went to lunch at the Little Apple Brewery.

After lunch the group toured three sites.  One on Wildcat Creek west of town that is experiencing a great deal of development pressure; the KAW river at Ogden where  a series of bend-way weirs have been installed; and a tributary of Wildcat Creek where a development is under construction.  The site will be interesting to follow as the development is completed.  The changes in the small stream dynamics are predictable and will likely result in the conversion of a stable headwaters stream into a serious gully before too long.  Photos of the tour will be posted on the website. The tour concluded at 3 PM.