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December 1st meeting

posted Nov 9, 2009, 5:19 PM by Kansas Riparian Work Group   [ updated Feb 16, 2010, 8:02 AM by Dr. Cynthia Annett ]

Kansas Riparian Work Group

KRWG Meeting Tuesday December 1st, 2009

9:30 A.M. KDWP Regional Office Topeka


Present: Cynthia Annett, Margaret Townsend, Paul Ingle, Debra Baker, Phil Balch, Charlie Barden, Harold Klaege, Corey Alderson, and Eric Banner

The notes from the last meeting were reviewed as well correspondence.  Cynthia will follow up with Kelly to assure he is satisfied with the verbiage in the brochure and mission statement. 

Discussion was held on keeping focused on the direction this group is headed.  Dewayne reiterated NRCS perspective on the holes in the tech guide and the need the fine tune riparian descriptions in areas where streams transition from perennial to intermittent to ephemeral.  What should the ideal healthy vegetation be in these areas?    Eric gave an overview of the work he has been doing looking at original land surveys from 1855 to 1875 and where trees where existed at that time.  Eric will work with Cynthia to get this posted on the website.  Harold added that KAWS is working with the Kansas Society of Land Surveyors to also get information on historic riparian areas in Kansas.

The mission statement was finalized and is now as follows:

“To provide a forum for Natural Resource Professionals and Organizations to develop criteria for the identification of healthy riparian and wetland areas for Kansas eco-regions”.

A review of the website was shown by Cynthia.  Eric commented he did a Google search on “Kansas Riparian” and the web site did not come up.  Cynthia explained why.  The group needs to get a domain name.  KAWs volunteered to purchase the domain name. A ten dollar fee for website Sponsorship was picked up by Phil and Dewayne.  Margaret gave a report that the logo is a work in progress. 

The draft brochure was reviewed.  The cover photo needs to have the basic elements of a healthy riparian area visible:  Plants (grass & trees), and water need to be shown.  New mission statement needs to be changed.  Contact information needs to be added to an anonymous contact.  KAWS can get this setup and forwarded to current coordinator.  Leave the origin paragraph.  Send changes and photos to Charley and Hillary who will wok on draft #2.  Paul obtained an estimate for 1000 copies of the brochure and it will cost about $350.  He will check into getting a small grant to cover the expense.

A review of the last field trip was shown.  A discussion followed about how KRWG can be involved in the background with the research by DR. Dodds. Dr, Dodds plans on removing about a quarter to half mile of trees on an intermittent stream a year from now.  He extended an invitation to anyone that might be willing to do additional research on geomorphology, plant succession or other related processes.  Charlie will follow up with Dr. Dodds and the NSF (National Science Foundation) about cooperating with this research to look at additional variables before and after the removal of the trees.  Konza is now a NEON site National Earth Observatory Network site.  Phil has been in contact with Tim Cain about doing some geomorphology

Dewayne gave an overview of the riparian training he attended with Tamzen Stringham this last summer.  Tamzen is a riparian plant ecologist at the University of Nevada and part of a National Riparian Team.  The group would like to pick her brain if NRCS or other agencie(s) can pay to get her here for a week.  Carol Blocksome has corresponded with Tamzen and it will cost about $1300 to get her here for a week.  We can find some sites we would like to get her input on.  Paul will pass this on to Carol.

Agency updates: Harold (KAWS) is working on a riparian education initiative.  He will be submitting grants to develop this.  Estimate cost is around $70,000.

Charlie announced the Kansas Natural Resource conference Feb 4-5.  Theme Kansas Waters signs of prosperity and heath. 

Next meeting will be back at Forest Service headquarters in Manhattan tentatively Feb 16, 2010

To Kansas Riparianites;

After giving folks some time to check calendars and respond back it looks like Tuesday December 1st is a day just about everyone has available.  So, write it on your calendars and Corey if you will go ahead and reserve the KDWP meeting room for that day it will be greatly appreciated.  Remember, I sent some homework assignments out with the last e-mail.  I will send out a reminder and agenda a week or so prior to the meeting.  In addition, I plan on working on a draft for the KRWG brochure prior to the meeting. (This can be downloaded from the attachment field below)

Paul Ingle

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