The mission of the Kansas Big Tent Partnership is to provide a science-based forum to identify, coordinate and organize resource conservation concerns by basin and ecoregional geography, to deliver efficient and effective systems-based practices to address the breadth and depth of the concerns, and to identify and fill funding gaps in the conservation programs of Kansas.

 The Kansas Big Tent Partnership involves the collaboration of representatives from local, state and federal government; non-governmental organizations; and private interests to deliver a science-based strategic framework that will result in consistent and practical technical assistance and financial assistance for delivery of systems-based conservation solutions through the Big Tent Partnership.

Effective implementation of this conservation strategy in Kansas will be focused on a sustained commitment to multi-directional communication, demonstration and inclusion of land owners and land managers.  This commitment will be aimed at building ecological and economic resilience through leveraging of existing programs and practices and development of innovative new programs and practices which offer systemic solutions and efficiently and cost-effectively deliver ecosystem goods and services to society.