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1.     Image De-noising and Edge enhancement for CT images using Multi-resolution Techniques - [DWT, SWT and DTCWT].

2.     Back Projection techniques for the Reconstruction of CT images using Wavelet Transform.

3.     A Method for Automatic Heart Localization from Thoracic SPECT Planar Images. [for more details...]

4.      Automatic method for Brain Scalp removal from MR images.

5.     Brain Tumor (Focal Cortical Dysplasia Lesion) Detection from T1- weighted MR Images. [for more Details...]

6.   Hybrid Method for Molecular Image Enhancement. [for more details...].


Ongoing                                           [for more details...]

1.       Mammogram Analysis



o   BrainAssist is a comprehensive, user-friendly state-of-the-art medical image analysis tool for detection of Focal Cortical Dysplasia Lesions from T1 MR Images. [flash]


o   iMAS is the Powerful tool to detect abnormalities in digitalized x-ray Mammography and it can be used as an Analysis Tool for detection of Micro-Calcification, Mass Lesions and Bi-Lateral similarity from digital x-ray Mammography. [flash]


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