Kannan Keizer

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Welcome to my Personal Web Page...

"Image Processing is my Passion"

 My Research Interest:

  • Image De-noising and Enhancement using Wavelet Transform & Partial Differential Equations
  • Color image segmentation
  • Molecular Image De-noising
  • Medical Image Processing and it's Applications.

Useful MATLAB code:  [Link]

  • Progressive Switching Median Filter for Salt & Pepper Noise Removal  -  [Matlab Code]
  • High Density Impulse Noise Removal [even an image is corrupted by 90% noise)  -  [Matlab Code]
  • Molecular Image De-noising using a Hybrid Method [4th order Partial Differential Equation + Relaxed Median filter]  -  [Matlab Code]
  • Color Segmentation [ RGB color segmentation]  -  [Matlab Code]

Adding impulse noise to image [ Salt & Pepper noise and Random-value impulse noise] - [Matlab Code