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The sweaters of Kanipaan are a blend of Dink Fair $5000 line and the Bruce Barnett line from Blue Blade Farm of one of the cocking idol Sonny Lagon in San Pablo City.


The year was 2003 when I acquire my first pair of Dink Fair $5000 line from Nikki Uypitching in Dumaguete City. By the way, the Nikki Uypitching is one of the prominent breeder/cocker in Oriental Negros. This pair was a full sibling, which were the offspring of their trio that was imported thru Atty. Jun Mendoza, the man responsible of bringing here in the Philippines the sweaters of Mr. Dink Fair of Spring Creek Farm in Oklahoma. The Dink stag was mated to the kelso/hatch pullets and produced excellent battle fowls. The Dink pullet was then mated to the Super SS Kelso, the offspring of this mating produced 5 brothers and 1 pullet sister. These 5 brothers were not fought until they were 30 month old and the waiting was worth since all of them won convincingly against the best opponents in our province all in big derbies! And only that, all 5 of them won 2 times and the other 2 were 3 times and died however, there was one left of these brothers which we now used him as a brood cock since the original Dink broodcock died on 2005.


August 2004, when we went to Cebu City for the inauguration of Central Visayas Breeders Association (CVBA) which we are a pioneer member, me & my wife was introduced to Sonny Lagon also with his wife at that time. Sonny’s wife was amazed with my wife since she learned (|Sonny’s wife) that my wife managed our small breeding in Negros Oriental and knew a lot about gamefowl breeding, markings, rearing etc. So in fascination and sign of friendship, she asked Sonny to give my wife a pullet. At first, I did not expect that it would materialized but to our surprise, on November 2, 2004 the pullet was delivered to Negros Oriental from Blue Blade farm, I could not find the right words to thank Mr. Sonny Lagon for the gift! We did not waist any time, we mated this Blue Blade Pullet to our Dink broodcock thus, the offspring of this mating was the foundation of our Kanipaan Sweaters. These sweaters are now being crossed to our Lemons, Kelso & Roundhead.