Kangaroo Webster is a freelance web company.

We are experts in all the web solutions as SEO (Search engine optimization), Web design, branding (marketing and advertising), web building and all the web activities that companies desire to achieve.

Kangaroo Webster specializes in smart developing comprehensive e-business solutions including:

  • All Consulting services: from business strategy to technology implementation.
  • Web design.
  • Internet consulting.
  • SEO – Search engine optimization.
  • CMS - content management system.
  • Hebrew and english Content editing.



  • We are attentive to our ROI customer's needs, that the reason that we are using "Open Source" solutions in our content management systems - KangarooWebster is part of the Open Source movement, strategically implementing its high-end solutions within the open framework and philosophy.

The company managing by Tal Barnea - Senior internet consulting with a large backround of web developing, web design and content editing.