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roject Integrity International: Philosophy & Plan for a New Economy,
lays out a very structured, comprehensive plan for this “People’s Corporation”—an international franchise network of sustainable cooperatives!  By providing an economic platform that welcomes individuals from all personal backgrounds and professional disciplines, PII will support the technological, ecological, human rights, multicultural, and spiritual movements brewing today across countries and continents. PII will more intelligently utilize the abundant resources of Planet Earth while saturating its human population with a tidal wave of sustainable economic opportunities.

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***Rich Masses Poor Masses presents a satirical critique of world renowned author Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad series. While Kiyosaki's ideals of financial empowerment are ever-so important in these dangerous economic times, his strategies are only assessable to the few and technically impossible for the many. Rich Masses Poor Masses offers an individual and collective alternative that solves for this fundamental glitch while truly empowering people and communities to create more economically and ecologically sound livelihoods. But while Rich Masses elaborates on the fundamental glitch in Kiyosaki's system, it also embraces many of his proposed strategies, combining his concepts with its own to present a truly integrated, holistic approach to survival in the 21st century. ***

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