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What is Kangaroo Fu: The Little Red Poem about?
The animals at "Zircus" Zoo are restless, angry, frustrated and fed up with life in the zoo. After grueling days spent entertaining obnoxious, rude, smelly human beings, the animals take refuge in their evenings spent singing, dancing, practicing martial arts, and planning their Great Escape. Soon, the animals break out and are free at last. But as they make their way up a secret path, many obstacles cloud the road ahead. The zany band of four-legged anarchists, intellectuals, and wise masters realize that the revolution has just begun!

When and where does Kangaroo Fu take place?
Kangaroo Fu takes place on five continents, in very real cities as well as in fictitious fantasy realms. Kangaroo is truly "A epic for the world!", addressing the very real problems we all face as well as the solutions that many of us are working on in the here and the now. Fu not only sheds light on the issues of the past, but the problems that have cropped up in most recent years.

What kind of work is Kangaroo Fu?
Kangaroo Fu is a musical stage play that incorporates both traditional and modern genres of music (hip-hop, funk, jazz, world, etc.) many styles of dance, and various forms of martial arts. Fu is multi-thematic, multi-cultural, and a multi-genre masterpiece that will relate to many demographic audiences throughout the world. Featuring a movie backdrop, Fu bridges the ancient art of the stage with the magic of modern cinema in a show of timeless brilliance!

Is Kangaroo Fu based on any previous works?
Kangaroo Fu is based on the nonfiction works of ABCrane. Her recently published works summarize the problems and epidemics of the world while spelling out a unique international green franchise model designed to accelerate and organize the growth of the sustainability movement across the globe. 

What is a "musical collective"?
  How are team players compensated?
The Kangaroo Fu musical collective is a unique production model whereby collaborators share in the wealth generated by the production via equity shares. As a for-profit grass roots production, Kangaroo Fu can stay true to its own message--that we can find collective independence outside of the existing government and corporate establishments that threaten our freedom and very existence upon planet earth.

What does the production process look like?
Those interested in joining the team begin by filling out the initial application here. Once the team is selected, we will hold an initial live "meeting of the minds" and further discuss and devise the best plan of production, including a time line, location, etc. 

Who can join the team?
Anyone who fits the part and that their is a part for! We look forward to hearing from you soon!

How can I join the team?
Those interested in joining the team begin by filling out the initial application here.

Is Kangaroo Fu going to be adapted for cinema later on?
Hopefully! Traditional theater is a truly great medium, but there is a lot of magic on the big screen as well.  Kangaroo Fu is the perfect musical for just that!

Other questions?
Still need more info? Talk to us!