About ABCrane
ABCrane is a human being who enjoys walking the tight rope between fantasy and reality, between the mundane and the surreal, and between truth and illusion. From early childhood, she has been one to question answers and answer questions. A Bachelor's degree in Sociology helped Crane to better analyze the problems of the world while a double major in Creative Writing coached her how to imagine, innovate, invent—and write!—about solutions to those problems. Her continued self-education includes areas such as holistic nutrition, green business, progressive education,  and social activism, as well as her successful completion of a course in business offered by a wonderful non-profit organization, Women's Initiative. Residing in Sunnyvale, CA, Crane is preparing to launch an innovative  internet cafe that will provide teens with an exciting real world after-school alternative and public meeting place  to call their own.  Kangaroo Fu is based on her nonfiction works , available now.