Welcome to the home of Kaneohe Canoe Club

Our Mission…

To promote the well-being and education of people in Hawai'i so that they may live healthy and creative lives.

Our Vision…

To provide a dynamic and nurturing learning environment that emphasizes the Cultural and Natural resources that exist  in Hawai'i.

Our Values…

Aloha –Love & respect for one another, our world & 

"Ke Akua "-our higher power;


Malama –Care for one another and our surroundings in all aspects;

Kule'ana –Responsibilities which accompany our blessings;

Ha’aha’a –Humility in all that we do;

‘Imi na’auao –The seeking of knowledge and enlightenment 

‘Ike pono –Integrating our mind, body and intuition to the right thing;

Ho’omau – Persevering to perpetuate the Hawaiian Culture.