Vendor Reviews

(& a few vendor related horror stories)



Vendors reviewed based upon if I would recommend them to family, friends,..... well, anyone, by the following rating system:

Highly Rocommended       Recommended       Not Recommended


Hans Fahden Vineyards, Calistoga, CA : Highly recommended (Just make sure Andi is not your coordinator)

The site is BEAUTIFUL and unique. Guests are still talking about it. Site came with 7 hours of event time, a bridal changing room, ceremony chairs, parasols, round tables, gold chivari charis, candelabras, DOC (who is not worth anything), garden umbrellas if desired, magnum of wine for I forgetting something?

Antoine is the owner. He is a really nice guy, laid back and willing to make your vision a reality.

We arrived early and were allowed to start setting up as soon as we got there. We were evenallowed to pick up a lot of stuff the next day. The site is so beautiful it overshadows some of the lousy service I recieved from the DOC. If you are interested in all the gorry details of why the coordinator is terrible, read my novel long biitch-fest here.




Piper Johnson Catering

Calistoga, CA: Not recommended

We chose PJC because their prices were just so cheap. In the end, you get what you paid for. Poor communication is the #1 reason I received such lousy service. If you aren't doing anything for the next 15 minutes, read the horror stories here.



Penelope Jane Cakes

Napa, CA: Recommended

DELICIOUS cake! People are still talking about how good it was ,even people who don't like cake.The only reason I gave a lower rating was because the cake did not look as it was supposed to. Despite the fact that I sent Penelope a picture of the cake I wanted her to copy with some slight alterations, I got something different. I blame this on changing my mind on the cakes design after our in-person meeting.


     What cake was supposed                                  Actual cake:

  to look like (with real orchids

instead of fondant flowers and

   poetry wrapping around the

                elongated tier,

             second from top): 




(Engagement shoot, boudoir shoot, and wedding)

Adeline and Grace Photography

and Adeline and Grace Intimates

Highly Recommended!!!!

AWESOME photographers and people! Tiffany saved my wedding! She saw how terrible things were being run by the coordinator and stepped beyond her role as photographer and took on the task of coordinator many times. She told me that she wanted to make sure her clients have they day they have worked for! Easy to work with, and what an eye. I cannot rave enough.



Los Boleros

San Francisco, CA: Highly Recommended

Salsa band that will play any type of latin music. Rudy is the band leader, he was the first to grab a dance partner (my MIL!!!) and get out on the dance floor when no one was dancing. Keeps the party going in a non-cheezy sort of way. They were even disappointed they were not able to play longer.

When I inquired about the band backing me up to my husband's favorite song in Spanish, Rudy was eager to accomodate. He called me and set the key they would play in based off of my range and comfort level, and then went to work with the band to make sure everyone knew the song! Just wish I had the opportunity to go over it once with them beforehand (was supposed to happen but ran out of time before the wedding).



DIY, Flowers ordered at SF flower market Highly recommended.

I have to suggest that, if timed right, every bride goes to the flower market in SF to get a feel for all the beautiful flowers available in their season!



Invitations from Invitation Consultants

Highly recommended

I had no idea of all the possibilities for DIY invites at the time I ordered my invites. Probably would have DIYed them if I did. There are so many different options at IC you can't go wrong. Shipping was quick and there were no problems.

Programs, menu cards, and other paper: DIY

Almost all my supplies purchased at Michaels Crafts



House of Fashion

Sacramento, CA: Highly recommended

Huge selection and decent customer service, only wish it had been closer. Dress came in about 4.5 months after ordering. Alterations were done elsewhere.



Veil: : Highly Recommended

I ordered a longer veil in a darker color and returned it with no problem. In fact they encourage you to return the veil if it is not perfect for you.  Veil was beautiful!!!



Earrings from Highly Recommended. Lots of stylesto chose from and customizable.

Earrings: Nordstrom

Bracelet: Macys


BM dresses:

David's Bridal, Roseville, CA: Not recommended

Not recommended for a few reasons, mainly because the store is a madhouse and we received terrible service in the store. The dresses came on time and I arranged with someone at the store to pay to have them shipped to my house. Three weeks later and no dresses, I call them to see what's up. The dresses had been sitting in the back the whole time, someone forgot to ship them. I asked they 2 day them to me and pay for the shipping, they agreed (the only good service I received from that store through the whole process.) Dresses were beautiful.



 Araceli Lojas, Santa Rosa, CA: Highly Recommended

Araceli is the seamstress that works out of Gilda's Bridal touch in Santa Rosa. She also runs her buisness out of her home. She was able to cut the scalloped lace off the bottom of my dress and sew it back on after hemming the dress without it looking like the lace had been cut off. Created a color coordinated bustling system with ribbon instead of hooks and eyes and put snaps on my bustier and dress so that the busiter would never show.


Julie Parks, Sudio Bellissimo, Rohnert Park, CA:


Julie was the only person that was actually able to do something with my knee length hair. She came to the site on the day of and did all the girls hair. The only reason I did not give a highly recommended rating is because she changed the agreed upon style slightly on the day of without telling me until she was finished. I liked the trial hairdo better but didn't want to have her take it all out.


Yevonne Mackwood, Salon Luxe, Santa Rosa, CA:


Highly Recommended

Yevonne came to the site as well. She was a great personality to have in the bridal changing room and would not let me go until my makeup was perfect. I think she gave me three touch-ups before she left. She also did all the girl's makeup.




Men's Warehouse, Novato, CA: Recommended

Not sure why all tux places will let you pick up the tuxes a few days before your event but want it back the day after, but MW was no different. TIP: have your FI tell MW that your wedding is actually the day after (if it is a Saturday, tell them it's a Sunday) so that you will have an extra day to return them!

My dad's pants were up to the middle of his shins and BM's pants were to the floor. Make sure you try on the suits as soon as you get them. Problems were fixed quickly.



Booked through Highly Recommended

Expedia saved us tons of money and there were no booking mishaps.