Trash the Dress

Yay! I won a free TTD shoot from Blueberry Photography, complete with hair and makeup to happen the first week of September 08!

Finally got my TTD pics. The 3 month wait was agonizing!

It was worth the depression of having to squeeze back into the dress (which is once again hanging in the closet, good as new.)

Started off walking past a pile of leaves, and well, this is a trash the dress. I call this the crime scene:

The tractor shots!



 At first, Amanda decided agains using this trailer. The doors werem't open and she was worried there may be a homeless person in it. Her brave assistant was enlisted to open the doors.




Runaway bride!


Time to get wet!!!!


Waaaaahhhhhh! Crazy!!!!


DH thinks I look like a fish trapped in a net:


It started to get really cold. I can totally tell I'm freezing and uncomfortable in this pic!!!!



 More to come soon.