Setting Up

We did a lot of the work ourselves. Here are a few pics of the process and other early wedding day pics. I was and am so grateful for all the HARD work my family dedicated to make my wedding beautiful. All this was done while I was locked in the bridal room getting beautified and staying in hiding since my groom was wandering the property. It was torture sitting up there knowing I could be of use below.

(All non-pro pics)












The dress! It was living at my dad's so that the FI wouldn't stumble upon it at our home. Here it is getting a ride to Hans Fahden in the back of my dad's FI's car.





My little bro setting up the alter/gazebo. I designed it, my dad stained, constructed and built it. We used 3" bamboo poles that we stained a deep brown. The fabric is just muslin bought by the bolt at Jo-Anns fabrics (By the way, the store where my husband and I met.) 

It was intended to stand under so that my husband and I wouldn't have to be squinting through our ceremony (even though in the end officiant (my aunt's husband) planted himself in the very front so that we couldnt stand under it anyway!!!!!! One of those fun unexpected mishaps that happened that day rendering months of planning worthless!

We added the manzanilla branches in urns and draped them with garlands of strung orchids.









A few of the band members came early to do ceremony music. Here they are getting warmed up!








The lady who was going to do my flowers backed out four months before the wedding. Luckaly, my dad's FI is a whiz with flowers. She was mt flower lifesaver! Here she is in the side entrance of the cave with her daughter getting dirty doing centerpieces! They were working practically up to the ceremony!!!! They were goregeous! Orchids, amaranthus and moss.







My "picture walk" I gathered pictures of my husband and I growing up and organized them chronologically. I was on one side and my husband was on the other. As the guests walked in they walked through this with pictures of us as infants starting it off.  The tassels acted as a weight, looked pretty and echoed the tassles at the ends of the belt wrapped around my bouquet.





























Literally muinutes before the ceremony! My dad's FI and her daughter laying orchids on the table and adding to/scattering the too evenly spaced candles done by the caterers! Consider these the "before" pictures of the cave all set up. The after pictures will come later.