Tanto tiempo disfrutamos de este amor
Nuestras almas se acercaron tanto asi
Que yo guardo tu sabor pero tu llevas tambien
Sabor a mi.

Sin negaras mi presencia en tu vivir
Bastaria con abrazarte y conversar.
Tanta vida yo te di que por fuerza tienes ya
Sabor a mi.

No pretendo ser tu dueno.
No soy nada, yo no tengo vanidad.
De mi vida, doy lo bueno
Soy tan pobre que otra cosa puedo dar?

Pasaran mas de mil anos, muchos mas.
Yo no se si tenga amor la eternidad.
Pero alla tal como aqui, en la boca llevaras
Sabor a mi.



So much time we enjoyed from this love
Our souls have gotten so close that
I save your taste but you also carry the
Taste of me

If you denied my prescence in your living
It would be enough hugging you and conversing
So much life I gave you and like it or not you have the
Taste of me

I do not pretend to be your owner
I'm nothing, I don't have vanity
Of my life, I give the good
I'm so poor; What else can I give?

Over a thousand years will pass, many more
I do not know if eternity has love
But there, like here, in your mouth you'll carry the
Taste of me
























 The cake did not look anything like it was supposed to!!! wrong tier shape, writing on the wrong tier, writing in a different color!But, it was still pretty. Pic of what it was suposed to look like found in vendor reviews. Love quote wrapping around cake by Pablo Neruda. (All images with a swirly border or watermark taken by Adeline and Grace Photography)




















First I was going to do a tree, then I was going to do a map, then the day before the wedding we combined the map and the cards from the tree to this. It was REALLY last minute!






People gathering their escort cards.

The wall with the draping has odd mirrors all over it, I had the caterers cover it with draping and I loved how it turned out.







Almost ready for the announcement










Waiting to hear "Mr. & Mrs. Ramiro Ramirez"







 Mr. & Mrs. Ramirez!
















After we came in we did a  quick thank-you speech and then.........




 ......opened the doors for dinner!

























I've been told there was an audible gasp from the guests. I was completely in a bubble and thinking about what to do next so I didn't hear it! We kept it a surprise and it was amazing! The cave was magical, hence the cave montage that follows:

































































Candleabra detail. Assembled by my Dad's FI and her daughter. Orchids, amaranthus, moss and hanging votive candles.















Closer look

















Each seat had a different love quote hanging on the chair as love quotes was a theme. A lot of people disn't even notice these as they were on overload form the beauty and surprise of the cave. Thankfully, people spread the word at dinner. They reminded me of the fortunes in fortune cookies. Everyone was sharing theirs and talking about them.
























Doing the rounds



















 Our first dance started out slow to "More than Love" by Los Lonely Boys, but then.....





































Errrrk, broke into SALSA!










I like this series taken by a guest





















 And the photographer was able to work her magic with it also:






















We had a father daughter/mother son dance to "Wonderful World". It started out with my pops and I, and then DH and MIL joined us half way through. This saved on time and was kind to the guest's attention span.














Cake cutting! Not even the table looked as planned. I relly wish I was allowed out of that bridal changing room while everyone was setting up....oh, well.




















Husband is looking at me wierd because I keep pulling the cake from him!













But he can't wait!






We opened up the dance floor while we went to take more pro pics. These ladies were the first ones out on the dance floor. Too cute!














Time for more pro pics...





























While taking pics we walked by DH's car. His neices found some window paint!














I really feel this is a perfect representation of us. We have a good time togehter.


















































 Garter toss!

Leading up tot he wedding DH said he had a surprise for the garter toss and asked me in advance not to be angry at him...he wouldn't tell me his secret though.














XXL Granny panties

















I couldn't be angry, it was funny.
















Instead of a boquet toss, I broke up my bouqet and passed it out to grandmothers and mothers.



























Then I surprised my husband by sining "Sabor a Mi", his favorite Spanish song (I don't speak Spanish) backed up by the band! So scarry! But he loved it, and so did his family.



































He really loved it!





























Last pro shot of the night on the covered bridge. We couldn't believe it was almost over at this point. It really flew by. So when the photographer left we took a few moments on the bridge to observe the party going on above in the great room and soak it all in.













 Our get away car! A friend of my husband's from High School.