& Mini-Moon


Mini Moon at Indian Springs Resort and Spa, Calistoga, CA 














 Horseback excursion




Jalisco, Mexico 





























We decided to stay local for a few days after the wedding. We didn't want to go back to the "real world" right fter such a monumental event in our lives. We stayed in a blissful wedding buble at Indian Springs Resort and Spa  in Calistoga.

DH kept the party going with a tux shirt that he went to bed in for the whole stay.






Where the dress lived for 3 days.














We stayed in a lodge room with our own private patio.










"Let's get to the hot springs pool already!"














You are given a luxurious robe while staying at IS. Everyone wanders the grounds in them, including me on another trip to the hot springs pool.














There are fountains  everywhere.








Lounge area by the pool.










Had to get a shot of the new bling.














Driving around I would forget that our car had been decorated and think, wow, why is everyone breaking their necks to look at us?







When we got home we had to survey the damage. Here is what a wedding will do to the cake!


That's right, two and a half tiers left. Ididn't get any cake the day of so I think I gained 5 lbs. the week after making up for it!




















We first arrived to Puerto Vallarta at Fiesta Americana. We were dissapointed with Puerto Vallarta. The ocean was dirty and foamy, and the town was fake and touristy. We made the most of it though.

The hut in the back is actually the roof of the 7 story lobby!





















Downtown Puerto Vallarta














We went on a horsback ride while staying in Puerto Vallarta. It was a blast. Helmets were required so there aren't any pictures of us riding, thank you. After about an hour on a horse we had to walk across "Indiana Jones" style bridges, as we called them, to get to a waterfall.









We were told a scene in Preditor was filmed here.














What the weather was like the whole 4 days in Puerto Vallarta.









More rain.












DH's parents come from a small town in Jalisco. We went to visit some family while we were down there. His cousin drove us around do different towns our whole stay. It was nice to get out of the tourist trap and see the real Mexico.


In San Torbino








Ahh, Mexico

















All you can drink bar in Tepa, hence the funny look on my face.








Of all the towns we visited, this was my favorite. THe town is atop a mountain and the folks who established it hundreds of years ago dug tunnels under the city as the main rout of transportation. Above ground, the town is reminicant of Rome or Paris.




One of the churches











One of Guanajuato's colorful hillsides.












Oh yeah, we aren't in Eouroe! This is Mexico!











All the balconies in Guanajuato have the same pot feature on the railings.









Lagos de Moreno

They were in the process of re-gilding everything at this cathedral.







The facade

















The first sunset we saw our whole trip at the sunset bar of our hotel, Las Brisas.






Obviously it was a big deal for us. We are such nerds!!!



The hotel is great, but here's a tip. If you ever go, don't take the taxi's Las Brisas calls for you, they are about tripple the cost of what the average taxi costs there and the drivers only take you to places where they have made agreements with (touristy and expensive, like $20 American for a shot glass!)













View of one of the many bays in Acapulco from our room's patio.









The rooms were actually "casitas" or Little houses (no kitchen though).









Each casita comes with its own private pool. They throw hibiscus flowers in them daily.

















There is a patio/lounge area out the back door of the room.










DH lounging around










Enjoying the view















We certainly don't have these here in Sonoma county.








One of the Las Brisas ocean pools.









































If only the ocean was this clear here at home!










Waiting to see the cliff divers in Acapulco











They jump in the ocean...

















Then climb up the side of the cliff.....













        ....still climbing......




















...jump with a really big splash!










There's me giving it a try. Just kidding, but this girl had to have been 14 years old! All in a days work.