Cocktail Hour

from the bride and grooms perspective

The whirlwind begins! Hopefully someone will give me pictures of the guests perspective one day! I really have no idea what it was like for them!


Cocktail table arangements done by SIL. (All images with swirly border or watermark taken by Adeline and Grace Photography)















Some of the indoor cocktail tables waiting to be used. (Still hoping to find a pic of the raised cocktail tables in the teahouse. They ahd different linens)















Signing magnum provided by Hans Fahden. I had an engagement album made. I wish I had ordered an engagement sign in album instead. The magnum was too small for everyone to write on.











We were given about 5 min alone after the ceremony-highly reccomended. We didn't have to worry about people watching and we just held eachother and wept. One of the best moments of the day. Highly reccomended.









Here we are coming out of hiding to greet our families waiting to take formal pro pics.















Bride and groom :)














My flower girl got a hold of her mom's bouquet and couldn't have been happier!










New brothers lookin' sharp






The whole gang-minus one uncooperating flower girl!









Time for us to hed off alone and get some pro shots























































What you can't see are the bugs, TICKS, burrs, foxtails and dirt getting stuck in my dress and veil.




























































Ahhh, I love him.