It was a truly surreal experience. The whole time I wanted to talk to my husband and say things like "Can you believe this is actually happening!"





Detail of the orchids strung on the manzanilla branches at ceremony site (all pics with a swirly border or watermark taken by Adeline and Grace Photography)







Parasols provided by Hans Fahden











































My DIY programs












My husband's groomsmen passing out programs and tissues.








Guests finding their

seats and an










Some of the band playing acoustically. The were so great.








Groom and

honored guests assembling

for the









To honor the memory of my mother we had an empty seat in the front row. My brother (also one of my husband's groomsmen) carried in a picture of my mother and placed it on the seat. My husband then put a rose on the seat as he walked in. I don't know what this flower is all about thouhg because it was not what he used!



The girls lining up and one of my flower girls getting excited and dropping petals already.








My dad couldn't resist. His first pic of me in my bridal glory before he walked me down the isle.









And they're off!













My brother, the first of the groomsmen to go down the isle, playing triple duty: escorting my Grandmother in and bringing in the picture of my mother.




As you can see in the background, the ceremony had started and there were still guests filing in. The coordinator was terrible!






My mother's (and Amaris's) graduation picture from Guide Dogs for the Blind. Both with us in spirit at the seat reserved in my mother's honor.














DH walking down the isle being escorted (although the isle was too narrow for everyone to walk side-by-side) by his parents. He is holding what should have been a single yellow rose (my mother was an army brat and her father would call her his yellow rose of Texas as she was born while they were stationed in that state) to place at my mother's seat.
























The girls file in




























Flower girl mahem!















Now it's my turn.



















Teary eyed at seeing my groom.






















My aunt's husband officating. When he walked in he stood right at the edge of the gazebo instead of walking in so that we could be shaded from the sun and not squint the whole ceremony! Oh well.







The girls










The guys










Rings. A helicopter happened to fly right over us while my husband was putting on my ring. He was so in the moment though he didn't even notice and kept right on talking while people in the audience were yelling "damn paparatzi!" Too funny.















"I promise to do the dishes-when it's my turn."











Mother in law giving an explanation of the lasso ceremony. The lasso is in the shape of a figure eight, the infinity symbol, representing our never-ending love.




















Lasso was supposed to be made out of a flower garland, but someone forgot to make it, but my sister in law had put one on reserve at a store just in case, and quickly made a trip before the ceremony to go buy it. I'm so glad she planned for the worst. It is God awful, but at least we had one.






The kiss!










"We did it!"
















Off we go.