My Bridesmaids and I arrived at Hans Fahden at 10am to begin getting ready for the day!














The day before the wedding, after the resersal lunch, my bridesmaids and me getting mani/pedis. My cousin was my MOH and my husband's nieces were my bridesmaids/junior bridesmaids.




The day of! Getting gorgeous. It was so nice having hair and make-up come to us. The morning was so relaxed (we had no idea about all the set-up chaos that was going on downstairs!)



Husbands nieces










My hair's done!













All those bobby pins!














The photographer arrives and it's time to get into the dress! (all pics with the swirly borders and water mark taken by Adeline and Grace Photography)




























My cousin and matron of honor zipping me up.


















































































































My something borrowed was my dad's FI's Grandmother's hatpin (try saying that 3 times fast) it worked wonders keeping my drop veil on.





































Cousin and her girls-so cute!

















Cousin's boy in a Little tux!

















All dolled up and ready for my close-up.






























Feeling pretty bridey about now as it all begins to sink in! Getting the vapors!































Two of my flower girls were my cousin and matron of honor's girls. They were soooooo cute!!!!!! The other came late so missed pre-ceremony formals. My brother's little sister.



















With all the bouncing girls, photographers, guests dropping in unexpectedly, and other bodies, it was pretty chaotic in our room pre-ceremony. I was totally in the "don't stress out" zone!




Made sure to switch my ring over early so I wouldn't forget!
































Ahhhh, my peonies.













One of the guys for good measure.