Welcome to the Kanchanawong Lab homepage.  We are based at the Mechanobiology Institute (MBI), National University of Singapore (NUS).  The scientific interest of our lab is at the interface of cell biology, biophysics, and advanced imaging technology.  We are currently developing and applying superresolution microscopy techniques to study how proteins are assembled into nanoscale machinery within the cells, with focus on organelle systems important for mechanobiology such as the integrin-based adhesion complexes (Focal Adhesions) , the actin cortex, and the cadherin-mediated cell-cell junctions.  

We have postdoctoral fellow and research assistant position available. Please click on this link, if you are interested in joining us.


Tony’s iPALM image has been selected for display at the ASCB exhibit, Life:Magnified, Washington Dulles airport. (2014/6-11)

Congratulations to Zhang Zhen for passing the Qualifying Examination and becomes a Ph. D. candidate (2014/3)

Dr. Cristina Bertocchi has been selected for oral presentation at APOCB 2014 at Biopolis, Singapore (2014/2)

Congratulations to our former intern, Ratul Chowdhury, who has just started his Ph.D. study in Chemical Engineering at Penn State (2013/9)

Warm welcome to Xia Shumin, our new MBI graduate student! (2013/8)

Yilin just completed the AQLM Microscope Course at Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole. (2013/5)

Warm welcome to Dr. Yukako Nishimura (Joint Research Fellow with the Bershadsky Lab)! (2013/1)

Warm welcome to Zhang Zhen, our first MBI graduate student! (2013/1)

Congratulations to Talgat for winning 1st prize in the 4th MBI Microphotography competition! (2012 / 9)


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