Welcome to the Kanawha Urban Ag Alliance!

The mission of the Kanawha Urban Ag Alliance is to build a sense of community, promote community health, foster environmental stewardship, and increase the availability of locally grown food by supporting sustainable community gardening and urban agriculture in West Virginia through advocacy, community education and organizational development.

Sustainability.  Better quality of food.  Healthier lifestyle. Food independence.  Can it really be done?

 Many people today want to be more self-sufficient, grow some of their own vegetables and fruit – maybe even raise some chickens for eggs or raise some meat rabbits or goats.  It’s tough to figure out how to accomplish this sort self-sufficiency with today’s 24/7 world and all the demands most people have on their time and resources.

How can anyone hope to learn what he or she needs to know to successfully become more self-sufficient?  With the help of a group like-minded folks you can be part of a network that will give you access to information and opportunities to help you become more self-sufficient and self-sustaining.  The best part is that you will be able to build relationships with like-minded folks you might never get to know otherwise!  Connections. Synergy. Community.  KUAA is about taking dreams of food independence and making them happen locally and sustainably.

The Alliance meets the 4th Thursday of every month for education, service, or business - location varies based on topic.