Eric Kamwa
PhD in Economics


  •  Associate Professor in Economics at the Faculty of Law and Economics of the Université des Antilles (F.W.I), Schoelcher Campus, Martininique.
  • Member of the Caribbean Laboratory of Social Sciences (LC2S UMR CNRS 8053).
  • Fellow researcher at the Centre de Recherche en Economie et Management (CREM UMR CNRS 6211) 

Research interest

In the broad sense, I am interested in  topics related to the microeconomic theory. In particular, my research falls into the following fields:
  • The Social Choice theory  which is a theoretical framework for analysis of combining individual opinions, preferences, interests, or welfares to reach a collective decision or social welfare in some sense.
  • The Public Economics is the study of government policy through the lens of economic efficiency and equity. At its most basic level, public economics provides a framework for thinking about whether or not the government should participate in economic markets and to what extent it should do so.
  • Mathematical economics is the application of mathematical methods to represent theories and analyse problems in economics.

Journal Referee
  • Group Decision and Negotiation
  • Journal of Mathematical Economics
  • Louvain Economic Review
  • Mathematical Reviews
  • Public Choice
  • Theory and Decision
  • Social Choice and Welfare
  • RIELF: Revue Internationale des Economistes de Langue Française