Model Internationally - Safe and Secure

Looking for beautiful women to model internationally. We are a secure webcam studio located just outside of Fairfax Virginia. A model may choose to block states and even entire countries, giving her a reasonable expectation of privacy. We automatically block residents of D.C., Maryland, and Virginia from ever seeing our shows. Unlike “at home” webcam girls - our models work in a completely safe and secure environment, and away from the prying eyes of family, roommates, and others.
Kamir Chi Studios is looking for lovely females only, ages 18-40, no experience necessary. No height requirements. There are no holds or chargebacks, and models are paid in cash immediately after their shows!
As an Independent Contractor, you would enjoy a pay guarantee per webcam show (renegotiated based on revenue generated every 90 days), and 2 weeks paid vacation!
And, on any revenue from the sale of merchandise, including subscriptions to social media like Onlyfans, apparel, photographs, and other items - our models receive up to 70% in commissions!
If you are interested in joining our team, email sample pics with contact info, and VALID EMAIL ADDRESS to, or call/text 571-361-3634
Based on industry numbers, exceptional models who cam around 25 hours a week typically earn between $25,000 and $29,000 a year. However, there are thousands of webcam girls out there, struggling with advertising and promotion, trying to monitor their chat rooms, hurt by anonymous negative comments - and all the while trying to give the best show they can, to make the most money they can.
Kamir Chi Studios takes care of advertising and promotion to consistently deliver new viewers, and keep your regulars engaged and visiting often. The Producer handles every technical aspect during your show, freeing you from issues which distract from your performance. His years of experience keeping viewers paying for per minute shows, will yield results a typical amateur webcam girl could ever imagine. The Producer also monitors viewer chat while you are on camera - to insure you are protected from anonymous viewer comments, and passing only the most flattering questions, comments, and suggestions as you work. The goal of the webcam model and the Producer are the same - to keep viewers tipping!
Want to earn an extra $2K - $5K a month? Email sample pics with contact info to, or call/text 571-361-3634
If you are interested in joining our team, email sample pics with contact info, and VALID EMAIL ADDRESS to, or call/text 571-361-3634
We also shoot portfolios for models, actresses, and sex workers not interested in webcams. Email for details.
About Us
Kamir Chi Studios began its American journey May of 2017, but before that, the company established and dominated the webcam industry in Jamaica for almost a decade. Our site, Dancehall Girls, was a success simply because some of the most beautiful women in the world reside in Jamaica. In spite of horrible internet connections, old computers with built-in webcams, and the thick Jamaican patois language viewers could barely understand - the studio thrived and so did its models. A girl working 12 hours on cam a week made more money than she would working in a retail store for a month! It's no wonder Kamir Chi Studios became great supplemental income for the most beautiful models, teachers, and nurses on the island. We moved to our secure webcam studio in Virginia over three years ago. We are looking for females only. Ages 18-40 years . No height requirements. No experience is necessary. If you have never seen a live webcam show, we strongly suggest visiting a few adult webcam sites to see if this is right for you. As one of our models puts it; "The money is out there, and it's mine". Remember too, we can block any state or country you wish. If you are interested in our amazing opportunity, please email sample pics with your contact info, and VALID EMAIL ADDRESS to to arrange your webcam audition. We would love to hear from you!