Heinz Breloh (1940-2001)   Lebensgröße / Life Size   1994  

Dimensions approx 201 (h) x 152 x 159 cm

Manfred Schneckenburger writes as follows on the genesis of Heinz Breloh´s "Lebensgröße / Lifesize" sculptures: 

„Within a predefined choreography the sculptor circles, dances around the still mouldable gypsum block. He hurls himself at it with his whole body - legs, hips, chest, back, head - embraces the block with his arms, pierces it with his knees and legs, throws his head to and fro to smooth out a horizontal surface on top. He presses himself to the block, turns and twists according to a set program, ploughs into the interior of the gypsum, touches and embraces it from the outside. He follows his body´s trajectory until the material has hardened and become resistive. The final sculpture records the body´s shape as a negative volume. It is (in the classical sense of memory) a monument of the body´s traces."  (Manfred Schneckenburger: Körperhandlungen wider die Apparatenwelt, [Bodily actions against the machine world] in: „Skulptur als Körperspur [Sculpture as body traces] - Heinz Breloh“, p. 17; published on the occasion of the exhibition series „Heinz Breloh - Skulptur als Körperspur“ in Bayreuth / Neumünster / Magdeburg / Hilden / Hasselbach 2008-2009. 112 pp. With preface, five articles, and 95 figures. Grafisches Centrum Cuno, Calbe (Saale), 2008; ISBN 3930030926 )

(translated from German original)

For a longer and more detailled description of Heinz Breloh´s "Lebensgröße / Life Size" sculptures (in German) see here.

Heinz Breloh writes about his Theory "Sculpture as a process": 

"The movement in the soft material creates shadows, shapes, forms, beings of lust. In a dream. Life, action is the painful process... without ease. You cling to the material so that - when you unite with it - you don´t fall endlessly."

(translated from German original)

Heinz Breloh, January 1988; quoted in:
Heinz Breloh der Sechsender - der Sechsender Heinz Breloh; ein Foto-Essay von Steffen Missmahl; 32 pp.; Salon Verlag & Edition Köln 2002 ISBN 3-89770-158-8 (out of print)

Further "Lebensgrößen / Life Size" sculptures can be found as follows:

Hilden, Bahnhofsvorplatz / square in front of the train station (see newspaper article below),

Neumünster, Skulpturenpark der / sculpture park of the Gerisch-Stiftung (Künstler > Heinz Breloh); picture here

Wismar, in front of St. Nikolai-Kirche / church, see here; picture here (courtesy of Dr. Vollrath),

Magdeburg and Braunschweig, see entry in Wikipedia.

Article in Westdeutsche Zeitung of 12 May 2010 on a "Lebensgröße / Life Size" in front of the Hilden train station.

Article in Rheinische Post of 28 April 2011 on the estate of Heinz Breloh (including a picture of a "Lebensgröße / Life Size" in front of the Hilden train station)

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on 20 February 2016

"Lebensgröße/Life Size"
has been re-ected at the sculptures park at the Moltkeplatz. A temporary absence of the work has come to its end.

"Lebensgröße/Life Size" of Heinz Breloh             picture of 20 February 2016

KaM e.V. is extending its thanks to the estate of the late Heinz Breloh, and to everybody else who has been involved in making this re-erecting come true, and thus securing the sculpture to remain part of art in public spaces in the city of Essen.

Following the re-erecting there will be a vernissage on Sunday 13 March 2016 at 15 hours. KaM e.V. cordially invites everybody to this event. Read more about it here (in German).