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Essen is "European Green Capital" 

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KaM e.V. identifies with the "European Green Capital".  

Kunst am Moltkeplatz KaM e.V. sends their very best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2018 to all members, friends, and neighbours.

Wishing that we would have another White Christmas at the Moltkeplatz 


from 09/10/11 Dec 2017 the first snow fell this winter ... covering the sculptures, too.

After a few hours, the snow turned into rain ... coming back as snow the next day ... then rain again ... then snow...

on 02 Dez 2017 - during the UNESCO School Essen´s open day - students put on display in their school some of the works that they had presented at the Moltkeplatz on 13 Oct. This was complemented by tables, descriptions etc. covering the making of the works and their background. In addition there was a slide show featuring pictures of the action day at the Moltkeplatz on 13 Oct.

Additional pictures here.

13 Oct 2017   Students of the UNESCO School Essen present own art works at the Moltkeplatz

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For an outdoor afternoon in beautiful warm late-summer weather - including spells of sunshine - students of the UNESCO Schule Essen in their final year prior to graduation / Abitur put on display temporary art works at the sculptures park Moltkeplatz. After 2016, this was the second such event. The students´ works were inspired by the ensemble of permanent sculptures. Since early summer 2017, as part of their art studies at the UNESCO school, and with some support from KaM e.V. (see entries below starting 09 Jun 2017), the students had dealt with the Moltkeplatz. During their exhibition the students were present and provided explanations and guidance to the numerous visitors. WAZ/NRZ had carried articles dated 03 Oct, and 13 Oct 2017; and Südanzeiger dated 04 Oct, and 11 Oct 2017.

More about this project - including a larger set of pictures - here (in German).

On 10 Oct 2017 the newly published book "Architektur der Essener Plätze / Architecture of Essen´s Public Squares" was introduced to the public. Authors, editor, and publisher were present. On pp. 132/133 the book gives a detailed description of the Moltkeplatz, mentions the associationKunst am Moltkeplatz founded in 2006, and, among others, displays both historical and current pictures of the park. 

Berger Bergmann, Peter Bredenk (ed.): Architektur der Essener Plätze, Oktober 2017, 196 pp, Essen, (pub.), ISBN 978-3-8375-1710-1

On 24 Sep 2017 the Sculptures Park Moltkeplatz was one of several locations for the"Schnipseljagd" paper chase along the the NaturLinie 105 tram line. The event - comprising some seven stations along the tram line, starting in the North of Essen - had been organized by the Green Capital. See below for a few impressions at the sculptures park.

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Enjoying beautiful late summer weather some twelve groups of "paper chasers" came to the Moltkeplatz. To solve the tasks presented to them they had to take a very close look at the seven permanent sculptures - and the one temporary, which was present just for the day. Quite some attention was paid to this very special reclined temporary work "Terra" in the centre of the sculptures park.

Among others, a harlequin pantomime was available to assist the groups, and two members of KaM e.V. to answer questions and provide information. After having solved the riddle the groups were given another snippet to further complete their plan, and information on how to reach the next station of the paper chase.

The riddle that had to be solved at he sculptures park Moltkeplatz is available - in a similar form - as aGeocache: see her 

on 16 Sep 2017, at the Lehmbruck Museum, the presentation of a documentation, and opening of an exhibition on RHEINORANGE by Lutz Fritsch took place

Lutz Fritsch signing a copy of the RHEINORANGE documentation

During the ceremony at the Lehmbruck Museum in Duisburg speakers recalled the 25th "birthday" of the sculpture RHEINORANGE (which has been set up in 1992), and its restoration in 2016. With its height of 25 m RHEINORANGE marks the location of the estuary of the river Ruhr into the river Rhein in Duisbrug-Kasslerfeld ... visible from the distance in its bright RAL 2004 colour "Reinorange" (without "H"; literally "pure orange").

Two year before, in 1990, Lutz Fritsch had set up his work  EIN•STAND / MONO•POLE on the traffic island Moltkeplatz / Ruhrallee as part of the Moltkeplatz sculptures´ ensemble.

01 Sep 2017:  Brochure about the Art Venue Moltkeplatz has been released 

10 Jahre Kunst am Moltkeplatz KaM e.V. - 35 Jahre Skulpturenwiese Moltkeplatz
10 years association KaM e.V. - 35 years Sculptures Park Moltkeplatz

Text by Dr Uwe Rüth and Tankred Stachelhaus

The brochure documents the history of the Art Venue Moltkeplatz since its inception. It covers the time span from 1982 - when the first sculpture ("Hannover Tor / Hanover Gate" by Friedrich Gräsel) was erected by the Essen gallery owner Jochen Krüper - all the way to the temporary exhibitions of the "jungeKunst am Moltkeplatz / young Art at the Moltkeplatz" series initiated by KaM e.V. which was founded in 2006. More about the brochure here. An English language text-only version of the brochure is available  here .

On 06 Sep 2017 the team, carrying the newly printed brochures, met by the sculptures. From left: Tankred Stachelhaus, Lisa Lambrecht-Wagenitz, Susanne Wolff, Volker Wagenitz, Uwe Rüth, and Frank Hirsch. (Picture by Katharina Wieczorek)

The brochure was presented to the public in combination with a panel discussion on Art in Public Spaces, on 09 Sep 2017 at the SELK church at the Moltkeplatz.

The participants of the panel discussion; from left: Volker Wagenitz (KaM), Lutz Fritsch (artist), Tankred Stachelhaus (host), Lars Breuer (artist), Gerd Mahler (Chair, Jury Art in Public Spaces Essen), Andreas Bomheuer (City of Essen Deputy responsible for culture)

Audience at the presentation and panel discussion.

More about the brochure here. 

Numerous episodes etc mentioned in the brochure are also documented by entries in the  Literature/Press, and in the Archive pages (in German).

The WAZ/NRZ newspapers carry an article on the brochure on 07 Sep 2017, see  here the Lokalkompass also on 07 Sep 2017, and Südanzeiger on 09 Sep 2017.

02 Sep 2017 in the late afternoon

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a short spell of heavy rainfall - with sunshine at the same time - allowed for some highly unusual impressions of the sculptures park.

on 28 Aug 2017 ...  

... a small group with an international visitor were given a guided tour about the Moltkeplatz, the sculptures on display there, and KaM.

on 25 Aug 2017  fluxMG (based in the city of Mönchengladbach) presents KaM e.V. 

With a multi-page interview, the Mönchengladbach-based action group fluxMG present to their readers the association KaM e.V., the way it was founded, its efforts to promote art in public spaces at the Moltkeplatz in Essen, and its activities. fluxMG, which was set up in 2014, provides a platform for dialogue and blogging in the city of Mönchengladbach. Topics covered include urban development, civic commitment, and arts and culture.

For the interview (in German) click here. 

on 30 June and 05 July 2017 two more groups of students of the UNESCO-Schule Essen and their arts teacher Volker Ullenboom came to visit the Moltkeplatz. KaM provided a guided tour, and introduced the students to the sculptures.


am 24. Juni 2017 
on 24 Jun 2017 KaM´s annual Sculpures´ Festival was held.  KaM had invited all members, neighbours, friends, and persons interested in art to the sculpture park at the Moltkeplatz.Invitation and program here. WAZ/NRZ press article with invitation here, and Südanzeiger here.

Following a moment of silence to remember Prof. Dr. Harald Goebell, who had passed away a month ago (see above),  KaM welcomed their guests. This was follwed by addresses by Franz-Josef Britz, mayor of the City of Essen, and Prof. Dr. Gerd Mahler, chair of the "Jury Art in public spaces" of the City of Essen. Some time later, providing the opportunity for talks and discussions over a glass and some snacks, KaM offered a guided walk around the sculptures. The Presse- und Kommunikationsamt of the City of Essen carried an article here, and the Südanzeiger an article on 12 Jul 2017 here. More about the event  here.

on 09 / 12 / 13 June 2017 groups of students of a grade 12 arts course of the UNESCO-Schule Essen and their arts teacher Volker Ullenboom came to visit the Moltkeplatz. During the weeks before the students had dealt with the sculptures in class, and had put questions to members of the association KaM who were present for their course. During the visit at the Moltkeplatz the students had a chance to have a closer look - and feel - at the sculptures, and to present and exchange impressions.


Harald Goebell   * 6 February 1933    24 May 2017

Harald Goebell on 22 May 2016 at the vernissage for Martin Pfeifle´s "onda" at the Moltkeplatz

We mourn the death of Prof Dr Harald Goebell, who passed away on 24 May 2017.

From inception, Harald Goebell has supported the association KaM as a founding member, and member of its board. He has participated to lead and manage KaM, and he has left a most distinctive mark on the association ... more than anybody else. We have to part with a most admirable person to whom we are greatly indebted.

Our deep sympathy goes to his family.

Obituary here.

on  22 May 2017 the giant wooden sculpture "onda" was dismantled ... after having been on display at the Moltkeplatz for a year. The artist Martin Pfeifle, and a number of helpers and assistants unscrewed all parts and readied them for the transport. More about it here.

Following some refurbishment the work has been be re-erected in Bad Schussenried (county Biberach in Baden-Württemberg); see here , and here (at the new location ... picture sent by Martin Pfeifle); invitation to the opening of the exhibition in Bad Schussenried  here.

on 20 May 2017 Martin Pfeifles temporary work "onda", the giant white wave at the sculptures´ park Moltkeplatz, has been seen off. Invitations to the finissage had been forwarded by KaM (here), and had also been carried by NRZ on 20 May 2017, and Südanzeiger on 20 May 2017. 

from left to right: Dr. Marcel Schumacher, Martin Pfeifle                 photos by Erwin Wiemer

Numerous persons interested listened to the explanations given by the curator Dr Marcel Schumacher, toasted the work "onda", and the artist, and had a last chance to enjoy it as a work to gather and come together. The association KaM e.V. extended their thanks to all sponsors and supportes ... most of all to the artist and the curator.

For a smaller group of people, together with the artist, the meeting lasted well into the night.

on 19 May 2017 a publication covering Martin Pfeifle´s "ONDA" has been issued. 

The brochure is in A 5 format with 52 pages, comprising a text part provided by the curator Dr. Marcel Schumacher, and an extensive pictures part. 
Read more about it  here.

on 16 May 2017 Martin Pfeifle´s sculpture "onda", and the other works on the the sculptures´ park were used as the background for interviews and video takes for a film that Svenja and Gaby, students of the Universität Duisburg-Essen, are creating as part of their requirements towards a Master degree in their "Literature and Practical Media Useage" studies.

KaM has been glad to support the effort by providing information and (picture) material.

on 27 April 2017 the artist Sabine Schellhorn paid a visit to the sculptures ensemble at the Moltkeplatz.

left: Sabine Schellhorn at the Moltkeplatz; right: opening of the exhibition "STADT.LAND.FLUSS" 

Between the dismantling of her exhibition "STADT.LAND.FLUSS / TOWN.COUNTRY.RIVER" (which had been on display at the Neue Galerie der VHS Essen as part of the European Green Capitalprogram during 11 March thru 27 April 2017), and her return trip to Bremen there was time for a visit of the Moltkeplatzes and quite some exchange of ideas.

Hannes Forster at the Moltkeplatz / at the LWL-Museum in Hagen on 21 / 23 April 2017

On the occasion of the opening on 23 April of his exhibition "bau - kunst, Modelle und Grundrisse" at the LWL-Freilichtmuseum / Open Air  Museum Hagen Hannes Forster came to visit his brick-and-mortar work Eine echte falsche Geschichte / A Genuine Fake Story at the Moltkeplatz.

Hannes Forsters exhibition at 
the LWL-Freilichtmuseum / Open Air  Museum Hagen will be on display thru 25 June; more about it here. During the opening members of KaM were able to learn more about the architectural layouts and models displayed. 

first/leftmost picture: 
models of
 Hannes Forster´s "Industrietempel / Industrial Temples"; pictures of the originals  here.

On 28 April 2017 Hannes Forster´s work "Kriegedenkmal" (without "r"; literally a "wars´ memorial"; third/rightmost picture above shows a model) in Frankfurt (Oder) will be dedicated. Using differently marked bricks Hannes Forster laid some 400 bricks to form a spiral on top of the base of a former World War I "Kriegerdenkmal" (with "r"; literally "warriors´ memorial"), visualizing the years of peace and those of war in Europe during the past 400 year; invitation card here.

Springtime at the Moltkeplatz on 10 April 2017

Martin Pfeifle: onda 2016                                              cf. picture of snow covered "onda" of 11 Feb 2017 below 

on 09 April 2017 a group of visitors - after having attended a rallye at the Hirschlandplatz in the Essen city center - used Martin Pfeifles "onda" to relax, and enjoy the sun and the sculpture park ... over a glass of beverage of their choice.

on 04 April 2017 a group of employees of Haus Esmarchstraße of Diakonie Essen came to visit the sculpture park Moltkeplatz. Accompanied by beautiful sunny spring weather they took part in a guided tour, and learnt more about the art works, the Moltkeplatz, and parts of the Moltkeviertel neighborhood.

on 18 March 2017, members of the association KaM e.V., and neighbors once again participated in the annual action day "SauberZauber" / spick-and-span. Refuse, bottles, plastic packaging, and other garbage was collected and removed from both the sculptures park and the areas surrounding it.


Some larger items, and a number of trash bags filled have subsequently been removed by the EBE Essen sanitation department.

11 Feb 2017: second time this year that snow falls on the sculptures on the Moltkeplatz

on 09 Feb 2017, Dr. Claudia Posca posted an entry about KaM e.V. in her  blog  on

To read the entry click into the picture or here.

02 Jan 2017 ... first snow in the new year    

Martin Pfeifle: onda 2016                    Ansgar Nierhoff: In Pairs 1988                      Gloria Friedmann: Monument 1990              
                                                                                                              Friedrich Gräsel: Hanover Gate 1981
photo taken 02 Jan 2017