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On 29 Dec 2014

the sculptures at the Moltkeplatz and the surroundings were visited by a group of people on a guided tour provided by the association KaM. The afternoon in sunny, albeit cold, winter weather ended with a discussion round.

On 27 Dec 2014 the first snow in this year covered the Moltkeplatz ... and its art works.

On 13 Dec 2014

the three
sons of Friedrich Gräsel (
who passed away in 2013) opened the studio and store rooms of their late father for members and supporters of the association KaM, explaining and bringing to life the works stored and still available as part of their father´s collected works. Ever since KaM was founded, Friedrich Gräsel had supported the assocaiatio
n KaM in multiple ways. In 1982, his sculpture Hanover Gate / Hannover Tor had been the first to be set up at the Moltkeplatz. 
More about the visit on 13 Dec 2014 here.

On 11 Dec 2014

 WAZ/NRZ carried a press article on the temporary work "Korridor" by the artists´s group "Konsortium": click here for the article "Junge Kunst schafft Kontraste am Moltkeplatz / young Art sets Contrasts at the Moltkeplatz".

More information about "Korridor" here.

Sunday 30 Nov 2014

was the opening for the exhibiton of the temporary work "Korridor" of the artists´s group "Konsortium". This work is the fifth within the project  young Art At The Moltkeplatz / junge Kunst am Moltkeplatz
Dr Marcel Schumacher (Curator for Contemporary Art, Museum Folkwang) provided the introduction. The parish hall of the SELK Church at the Moltkeplatz was the venue for the subsequent gathering. More information about "Korridor" here.



(picture on right hand side - showing, among others, the artists´ trio "Konsortium" - by Klaus Pahlen)
for a picture of the Invitation Card click here,
for a picture of the Poster click here.

"Korridor" of the artists´s group "Konsortium". More information about "Korridor" here.

during 18 - 30 Nov 2014, the artists´ trio "Konsortium" configured the exterior of the "Korridor"

on 14 Nov 2014 the wooden structure of the "Korridor" was erected 

First the separate parts of the wooden structure were set up, joined, pegged down, an
d covered with sheathing. Finally a first coating of paint was applied. When the sun set these steps towards the new temporary sculpture were finished.

More information about "Korridor" here.

on 30 oct 2014

a public discussion with the artists´ group "Konsortium" was held. (For an announcement in the WAZ newspaper of 29 Oct 2014 click 
here. Unfortunately, Dr. Marcel Schumacher, curator at the Museum Folkwang, had to cancel his attendace at short notice.) The artists´ group presented both some of their previous works, and their ideas and plans for the Moltkeplatz. Also, draft images of the new work were shown
More information here.

For a subsequent WAZ/NRZ newspaper article of 04 Nov 2014 click here.


left: Konsortium (Lars Breuer, Sebastian Freytag, Guido Münch); right: draft image "Korridor" at the Moltkeplatz

"Korridor" is being sponsored and supported by Allbau Stiftung, Sparkassenlotterie "PS-Sparen und Gewinnen", Ingenieurbüro Lars Römling, Nolte Ingenieur Holzbau GmbH, and TRINAC GmbH.

on 21 Sep 2014, Lutz Fritsch received the Leo-Breuer-Preis

Lutz Fritsch, whose sculpture EIN•STAND / MONO•POLE
on the traffic island Ruhrallee / Moltkeplatz has been greeting visitors of the sculptures ensemble at the Moltke­platz since 1990, was awarded the Leo Breuer Preis of the Landschaftsverband Rheinland LVR (Köln / Cologne) on 21 Sep 2014. Also that day, the exhibition "Lutz Fritsch" at the Gesellschaft für Kunst und Gestaltung in Bonn was opened. More about the award here.

On 28 Sep 2014 Lutz Fritsch provided a guided tour to members and friends of the association Kunst am Moltkeplatz KaM, who enjoyed being being given an introduction to his exhibition in Bonn, a detailled tour to some of his works in Bonn and Cologne, and to his ideas and views in respect of art in public spaces. Beautiful Indian summer like weather provided the setting for a most interesting day that will remain in our memories.


More about this guided tour here.

on 06 and 11 Aug 2014

contractors removed the last leftover of the debris fields of broken trees and branches in the vicinity of the sculptures. E
ver since the severe thunderstorm on 09 June, sidewalks had been blocked, and dead branches in the trees had posed a threat, so that pedestrians, cyclists, baby prams, and wheel chairs had to avoid certain sidewalks and use the lawn of the sculptures area instead. The branches removed from the treetops have been collected into piles ready to be carted off.



on 16 July 2014

a group of some 50 persons - headed by Christiane Becker-Romba - on a bus tour outlining 
"Kunst im öffentlichen Raum / Art in public spaces" visited the sculptures at the Moltkeplatz. The tour had been organized by the "Seniorenreferat / senior citizen council" of the city of Essen. A guided tour of approx 45 minutes duration provided an introduction to the location and the various sculptures at the Moltkeplatz. Questions and answers rounded off the time in the park in beautiful summer weather.

on Saturday 28 June 2014

KaM celebrated their annual sculptures festival at the Moltkeplatz

The association Kunst am Moltkeplatz KaM had invited their neighbours, friends of the Moltkeplatz, and other persons interested in the arts to their annual Skulpturen­fest / sculptures festival. Despite adverse weather - the rain started when the festival began - and numerous other concurrent events more than 90 persons followed the invitation and enjoyed the afternoon by the sculptures in the beautiful setting of the Moltkeplatz, talking to each other, sipping a glass of wine etc, and, among other activities, to hear more about the sculptures on a guided walk.

Franz-Josef Britz, mayor of the city of Essen, addressing the meeting, conveyed the best wishes of the city, and pointed out the exemplary function of KaM e.V. in respect of the support of Kunst im öffentlichen Raum / art in public spaces. Andreas Bomheuer, city deputy responsible for culture, had earlier sent a letter which was read to the meeting, and which also very positively remarked on KaM´s commitment and their activities.

Lars Leuker of Storp9 - the Haus für Kunst und Kultur im Südostviertel / house for art and culture - introduced the project „gemaltes Ich, gemaltes Wir -  Essens bunte Seite“ / "pictures of me, pictures of us - Essens multi-colored district", which was started by Storp9 and KaM, and has up to now reached out to eight kindergardens and schools. The current results were - for the first time - on display by the sculptures... affixed to a large net. (Click here for the invitation to the opening of the exhibition)

Angela Fuckova, also actively involved in this project in Storp9, encouraged all guests of the sculptures festival - regardless of age - to also paint their portraits and thus fill the net.



The festival ended at night time in good spirits - despite the continued rain, the effect of which may have been mitigated by other liquids.

on 09 Jun 2014

from approx
 21:30 a severe thunderstorm caused major damage at the Moltkeplatz: twisted-off parts of the trees damaged resp. destroyed cars in the street. Affected are both the sycamore (more than 100 years old), chestnut, and some shallow-root trees, some of which were uprooted in full. The road and the foot paths on either side of the sculptures are impassable. The sculptures themselves have not been damaged. For the time being they are, however, surrounded by debris fields of broken trees and branches. More about the storm "Ela" here.
One week later, the road and foot path on either side of the sculptures have been cleared and secured by relief forces. The immediate environment of the sculptures has been cleared by KaM members and other volunteers (pictures taken on 17/18 June 2014).
On 13 July the broken trees and branches temporarily stored in the parking lots opposite the houses and the church at the Moltkeplatz have been removed. On 14 July members of KaM have carried the last patch of large broken-off branches offsite. These will be be removed at a later time.

on 01 June 2014

the exhibition of three "FarbRäume" of Eva Boehme was opened in front of the Ruhrturm

Within easy walking distance from the Moltkeplatz, on the parking lot in front of the Ruhrturm (the former Ruhrgas tower) on Huttropstrasse (next to the Ruhrallee crossing), three taller-than-man, accessible glass cubes will be on display until approx Oct 2014. Made of colored glass they are conspicious, highly visible, and illuminated from within during nighttime. The artist Eva Boehme (Bremen) invites everybody to enter these public art works, and to explore them with their senses. For some pictures of the three cubes - and some text - click here, and scroll down to the bottom of the page. For a WAZ newspaper article of 02 Jun 2014 click here.

on 23 May 2014 the white paper surfaces of Frank Bölters „HOrigamiUSE“ were removed, 
on 28 May 2014 the wooden sub-structure was dismantled and removed, and
on 05 June 2014 rolled sod was laid to cover the former foot print of the „HOrigamiUSE“ 

For an NRZ/WAZ newspaper article of 03 Juni 2014 on the farewell and removal of Frank Bölters "HOrigamiUSE" click here. 

As a first step towards the removal of the taller-than-man paper "HOrigamiUSE", which had been folded according to an Origami instruction and erected on 22 June 2013, a total of approx 250 sq m of its laminated white thin cardboard surfaces (alike to fruit juice packaging material) have been removed. A total of up to ten persons - members of KaM and other persons interested in public art at the Moltkeplatz - worked for up to four hours to remove screws, other material, and the paper.


The wooden sub-structure was dismantled and removed a few days later.

Finally, rolled sod was laid to cover the former foot print of the "HOrigamiUSE".

on 22 May 2014: Farewell to Frank Bölters „HOrigamiUSE“

Within the action  young Art At The Moltkeplatz/junge Kunst am Moltkeplatz Frank Bölter had on 22 June 2013 - jointly with members of the association KaM, other people interested in art, and neighbors - folded and erected on the Moltkeplatz his taller-than-man paper "house" folded according to an Origami instruction starting with a sheet of laminated paper of 15 x 15 m size. After having spent eleven months outdoors - and exposed not only to the weather - it has aged and changed. In accordance with the original planning this temporary work will now be dismantled and removed in the near future.

The association KaM, the artist Künstler Frank Bölter, and numerous guests bid their farewell to "HOrigamiUSE", and toasted the artist, his work(s), and the Moltkeplatz. Because of the weather, parts of the event were held in the parish hall of the SELK church. Videos and pictures taken during various phases of the lifetime of "HOrigamiUSE" where shown and there was ample time for discussion

during the farewell event for his "HOrigamiUSE":
Frank Bölter
(second from right) being interviewed by the press

"HOrigamiUSE" is being sponsored by the AllbauStiftung, and was constructed with the support of Ingenieurbüro Lars Römling. 

on 22 April 2014 

KaM members have repaired the
roof of Frank Bölter´s "HOrigamiUSE". During the Easter holidays a branch had fallen from a tree above and had cut a hole in the paper roof.

Click here for a sequence of pictures since the "HOrigamiUSE"  was erected on 23 June 2013.

on 05 April 2014

the Moltkeplatz was the destination for a group of visitors of the Tennis Dept of TUSEM Essen. The visit had been arranged with KaM some time ago and was used to introduce and discuss the sculptures. A walk through parts of the Moltkeviertel pointing out its points of interest, and a discussion over coffee and other beverages completed the visit here.

on 03 April 2014

a group of art enthusiasts from Recklinghausen visited the Moltkeplatz. Within a guided tour by KaM the sculptures were outlined and discussed. This was followed by a walk around the interesting neighbourhood of the Moltkeviertel ... all in lovely spring sunshine. The visit ended with discussions over coffee in the adjacent beer garden.

since 08 March 2014

the beautiful early spring weather has on several occasions prompted members of the
association KaM to do some initial cleaning etc both of the sculptures and of their vicinity ... as is being done each spring.

(pictures of 08 March, 07 April, and 25 April 2014)

If you want to occasionally help with such work, then please contact us by phone +49 201 261366, or via email

12 February 2014  
/ "Essen´s multi-coloured district": Südostviertel & Huttrop
The guide book
"by the locals for the locals"
. For larger displays click into the pictures.

                cover                                      city map                                        explanations 

The action group "Essens bunte Seite" has presented the guide book "Essens bunte Seite – von Bürgern für Bürger" for the two adjacent city districts. KaM has participated in the action group from its beginning. The guide book includes features on the Moltkeplatz, which is part of the Südostviertel and borders on Huttrop. The brochure is A5 size, landscape format, comprises 52 pages, and comes with a separate illustrated city map. Is is available locally in shops, doctor´s offices, hotels, sport clubs, and other institutions and associations... among others at Kunst am Moltkeplatz e.V., Moltkeplatz 9, phone +49 201 261366. It is free-of-charge. However, donations - to be used for additional theme maps, reprints etc. - are quite welcome. Boxes for donations are available wherever the brochures are on display; for the donations bank account click here.
Read an article in the Lokalkompass Essen-Süd of 22 Feb 2014 here; links to additional articles here.
Facebook: Essens bunte Seite        
"on site":
Storp9, Storpstraße 9, D-45139 Essen
, phone +49 201 839 8796, open MON-FRI 08-18 h

on 05 February 2014

the entrance hall of the Museum Folkwang was the venue for the opening of an exhibition of young students of the Leibniz-Gymnasiums in Essen-Altenessen who had dealt with art works in public spaces, and had replicated works in small. Among the works on display is Gloria Friedmanns "Monument / Denkmal", which is presented by a student of class 8. More about the project here.

The exhibition was opened in the context of the "re-unveiling" of the Nashorn-Tempel / Rhino-Temple by Johannes Brus within the action "Public Art Ruhr - Neuenthüllungen / Re-Unveilings" of the RuhrKunstMuseen.

Johannes Brus among the students of the Leibniz-Gymnasium and their works.

on 23 January 2014

Frank Bölter paid a visit to the Moltkeplatz in order to, among others, take pictures of the current state of his "HOrigamiUSE".

Click here for a sequence of pictures since the "HOrigamiUSE"  was erected on 23 June 2013.

January 2014

The Hannover Tor / Hanover Gate is mentioned in the compilation Kunst im öffentlichen Raum / Art in Public Spaces in Nordrhein-Westfalen; click here for the entry.

Since September 2013 it has also been mentioned in a compilation by the RuhrKunstMuseen on "Public Art Ruhr"; click here for the entry.

The compilation Kunst im öffentlichen Raum in Nordrhein-Westfalen mentions, among others, works of the following artists whose works are present at the Moltkeplatz: Hannes ForsterLutz FritschFriedrich GräselAnsgar NierhoffUlrich Rückriem. 

On 13 Januar 2014

the roof of Frank Bölter´s "HOrigamiUSE" has been repaired. In addition to the gradual ageing due to storms and lots of rain the roof had been damaged on 08 January when trees were cut and parts fell through the fragile roof. On 09 January, KaM members had formed (out of the left over original laminated paper material) a square which was put on top of the roof by Fa. Nolte Ingenieur Holzbau staff first thing in the morning on 13 January.

Click here for a sequence of pictures since the "HOrigamiUSE"  was erected on 23 June 2013.

12 January 2014

within an ad-hoc guided tour a group of Essen and Hamburg art enthusiasts (Schmitz art ig) have been introduced to the sculpture ensemble incl Frank Bölter´s "HOrigamiUSE".