Kamdhenu Gosthhi                                               [A newly planning of gow seva]

            A      SUPER     WAY     FOR         FEELING        TO     SUPER      POWER 

    Kamdhenu Gosthhi  is creating for resistance coming expected exposure period......                                      

    How can we protect him self and universe..........????                                          

    Assure profoundly study our safety programs.............                                                                 


Following promise I take to myself                                                                  


   1- Every day I’ll protect at least a tree.                                                                                                              

      2- Every day I’ll originate a plant.                                                                                                                   3- I’ll do havan (YAGYA) and pray to sun for genuine nature & avoid sun’s                                                         warmness.                                                                                                                         4- I take dikshya from kamdhenu gosthi & daily pray to primary power of nature as Mother    Surabhi                                                                                


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