What is Cornell Bazaar?

cornell-bazaar is a mailing list to post emails related to buying/selling stuff, asking for rides, house hunting, apartment subletting etc., The list can also be a used for other important stuff such as getting recommendations on a car mechanic for car repair, reviews on restaurants .... The topics of discussions could pretty much be endless. If it is useful for fellow Cornell Students, Ithaca residents then it is suitable to discuss on Cornell Bazaar.

What are the advantages of cornell-bazaar?

The advantages of cornell-bazaar group include (but not limited to)

  • Attachments of up to 10 Mb per email are allowed. So if you want to send pictures of the merchandise you are selling, you can send them as attachments.
  • Can handle large number of emails and is scalable. 


How is cornell-bazaar different from international-l?

  • international-l mailing list has serious scalability problems and cannot handle large number of emails. You are also not allowed to send attachments to international-l. Would not it be cool to send pictures of the the stuff you are planning to sell?
  • cornell-bazaar offers web interface to subscribe, unsubscribe, modify subscription options etc., international-l does not offer any such interface.
  • Most importantly, there is nothing international about selling a 1997 Toyota Corolla. 


How is cornell-bazaar different from cornell.marketplace or ithaca.marketplace?

cornell.marketplace and ithaca.marketplace are newsgroups which provide similar functionality as cornell-bazaar mailing list. So the differences boil down to that of newsgroup vs mailing list.

  • The newsgroup interface is not that much different if you are with in Cornell and checking the newsgroup through a news reader. But the difference becomes much more obvious when you go out of Cornell. newsstand.cit.cornell.edu is very slow when you access it outside Cornell (due to the authentication mechanism). I know this from my experience with other high volume newsgroups such as comp.lang.fortran, linux.debian.user etc.,
  • From my past experience, I see that newsgroups are much more prone to spam than moderated mailing lists.
  • From an end user point of view, you need access to a free news server to follow a newsgroup. If you have a net ID, you can use newsstand.cit.cornell.edu . But what if you do not have a net ID and still want to subscribe to newsgroups?

    The above situation is not as uncommon as it seems. For example, if you have just graduated from Cornell and want to sell your car, then it is not possible to use cornell's newsgroup server since your net ID would have been deactivated by then. However, you can still use cornell-bazaar since it is a mailing list instead of being a news group.
  • mailing-lists do not require additional software such as news reader. Just the email client is sufficient to read the emails from a mailing list.
  • Unlike the above news groups, cornell-bazaar offers web interface to subscribe, unsubscribe, modify subscription options etc.,


How to subscribe to cornell-bazaar without a gmail address? 

If you want to subscribe to cornell-bazaar, but do not have a gmail address, please email the moderator (kamaraju at gmail dot com). In your email, please mention the email ID with which you would like to subscribe to cornell-bazaar.

If you would like to have a gmail address of your own, please let me (kamaraju at gmail dot com) know. I can invite you to gmail. I have lot of gmail invitations available.


What are the alternatives to cornell-bazaar?

There are many alternatives available! Each has its own Pros and Cons in terms of the user interface, software requirements, ease of use etc.,. Feel free to try all of them and choose the one that suits you best.

For buying and selling merchandise

To find or share things for free

Online Classifieds

Ride Sharing



Even though there are many alternatives available, I personally believe that having multiple forums scattered over multiple places only results in 'information fragmentation'. Let me explain how this 'information fragmentation' could be a problem.

Let's take the example of selling/buying some things. The arguments are equally applicable for other cases as well. 

If you are selling some things, you would like your announcement to reach as many persons as possible. So the natural tendency is to post the same email at multiple places. For example, I have often seen the same emails sent to ithaca.general, ithaca.marketplace, cornell.marketplace . Would not it be nice if there is just one (central) place where the seller can post? Similarly from a buyer's perspective, it would be very nice if there is just one place to keep track of. 

Currently the situation is that people have to keep track of multiple places for finding useful information. For example if you are looking for a sublet, you need to keep track of cuabroad, cornell.marketplace.housing, craiglist, ithacanews etc., This in turn requires a lot of effort and also wastes a lot of time.

The idea of cornell-bazaar is to serve as a central place where the users can post all emails related to buying/selling merchandise, giving away free stuff, ride sharing, apartment searching, house subletting etc., Since it is a mailing list (unlike a forum), the information arrives at the door-step (ie inbox ) without any active effort from the subscriber.


I have a suggestion to improve this document and/or cornell-bazaar. How can I contact you?

Great! Any suggestions, feedback, comments, criticisms are most welcome. Please email me at kamaraju at gmail dot com . I am planning to improve upon this document as well as cornell-bazaar in whatever way I can. Please get in touch with me and I shall incorporate them ASAP.



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