Kamaraj Nagar Portal 

Kamaraj Nagar(Tamil: காமராஜ் நகர்) is a residential area of Ariyankuppam Town in the Union Territory of Puducherry(Pondicherry), India.

It is surrounded by Chinna Subrayapillai Street in the east, Kazhini (Paddy Fields) in the south, Government Primary Health Center and Sollai Counder Street in the North and Church of Our Lady of Good Health in the West. Kamaraj Nagar is cool and greenery with Concrete roads.

Old Name for Kamaraj Nagar is Pudavaikaran Thope. As the name indicates this area was once a thope (garden) property of a textile merchant which in tamil called as Pudavaikaran Thope.

Streets of Kamaraj Nagar

There are only 4 streets in Kamaraj Nagar. First and Second Cross bisects Third and Fourth Cross perpendicularly.

First Cross

This street once hold Government Branch Library, Ariyankuppam and Bharath English High School. Annual Day Function of Bharath English High School was celebrated here. Also Vimco Volleyball Tournament held many times in the ground opposite to the School.

Second Cross

Anganvadi(preschool),Ariyankuppam is located in this street

Third Cross

The first brick build house of Kamaraj Nagar was constructed in this street in the year 1980. During those period, when there is no water supply network to this area, Water pipe was extended by this house owner on his own expenses from nearby point which at 200 feet from his premise. Now entire Kamaraj Nagar have all facilities including Concrete Roads, Electricity, Water Supply, Telephone Network and Cable Network.

Fourth Cross

Government Training Institute located here giving training to ladies in the field of Dressmaking and Tailoring.

Getting There

Kamaraj Nagar is just 300 meters from Ariyankuppam Bus Stop. One can reach Ariyankuppam by any Local bus from Puducherry to Veerapattinam. Also you can catch any bus to Bahoor or Madukarai from Puducherry running via Ariyankuppam.