Robotics Club @ S.A.C was my second home for almost the first 2 years of my IIT stay. I was lucky to have the guidance of seniors like Chinmay, Sanchit and Prateek who showed me just the right way to get into this serious stuff right from the beginning of first year. This laid the way for my interest in to emebedded systems and later the ventures into DHD Lab (second home for the third year).
Okay, @ IIT Delhi, Robotics Club primarily stands for Abu Robocon Competition. Robocon (or the Robotics Contest) is an Asia Pacific Undergraduate Student Design Contest. Each year 20 nations in the Asia Pacific Region send their best team from their country for ABU ROBOCON. For selecting the national team they organise national ROBOCON contest in their respective countries.

Under the guidance of Prof. S.K. Saha, I have been participating in Robocon with our team. Every year we design manual and autonomous robots to accomplish a specific task as per the theme of the year. We have been consistently been awarded the award of best manual award but have not been lucky to win.

However each year we have learnt and improved a lot. From a freshie to the  joint coordinator of Robotics Club in my third year, I have tried to bring about a lot of changes in the club for its betterment. I hope the new guys keep up the good work in future !

Here is the detailed description of the task and the robots we built each year

Besides Robocon, I have been remained connected to robotics during my freshman and sophomore year.  One of the major  connections was the micromouse we built in the Design Project.
Project Details can be found here