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Instant Campus Biking Solution has a long history. Here is it in brief:

The project was started in Summer 2007 as a business plan for the Inter-IIT B-Plan Contest, which was to be held as part of the IIT 2007 Global Alumni Meet at Santa Clara, California. It was then pursued as part of CSP315 - Embeeded Systems Laboratory in Fall 2007. After a basic design and prototype was conceived, the project was continued as a Mini-Project (CS) in Spring 2008 and BTech thesis project (2008-09) of Siddharth and Umang.

I was involved in the project during the B.Tech Thesis Project of Sid and Umang (late 2008) for the help in electronic functionality and circuit designing. Later Nikhil and I carried it out as an independent project during May-July, 2009. Much later, it was again carried out as Embedded Project (CSP315) by me along with Aditya, Kartik, Nikhil and Rishi. It has been sponsored as part of the Technology Development Project Initiation Award for Students (TDPIAS) initiative by the Industrial R&D Unit, IIT Delhi. 

The project has gone through various stages of design, prototyping and evaluation. In the end we primarily demonstrated the following:
  • Interactive user interface where user can authenticate himself with Smart Card which communicates with cycle parking slot via Wireless for locking/unlocking (Interfaced GSM, SD Card with EFSL, Smart Card, LCD, Keypad on LPC2148)
  • RFID for cycle identification and GSM communication between Stand and Central Server
  • Administrative GUI with google map interface, user transactions database management (MySQL), issue/blocking of Smart Card (GTK+ API) and cost optimization (MATLAB)
Concept: As initially proposed by Sid and Umang - here.

Poster: As later made by me and Nikhil (Click on image for higher resolution version)