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Done as mini-project at IIT
Later developed an Android Application for real time testing. Our paper related to the project "A Compression Scheme for Handwritten Patterns Based on Curve Fitting" has been accepted at ICDAR 2011.
We present an idea of compression of user fed data from touch screen interface for storage and transmission. The input is taken in the form of hand-written text, graphics, signs or pictorial symbols stored in the form of strokes in order of their temporal occurrence. Hence we propose a language independent tool for recording such input data encoded and compressed with the help of fitting third order B-Splines. Results obtained show significant improvement in compression ratio as compared to traditional storage of data as image with standard compression algorithms.

  • Developed an algorithm for compression of hand‐written text or graphics using data from hand strokes in touch screen mobile phones (Using B‐Splines)
  • Extended the application as a candidate tool for online data storage and transfer
Have a look at a youtube video I prepared (with  Manish Bansal) for the demo. (I apologize for the low quality of the video)


Also have a look at the poster I presented at ICDAR '11 :)