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About Kalypso

Kalypso is a public domain Windows-based molecular dynamics software package for simulation of atomic collisions in solid targets, and at surfaces. This site is the main distribution point for Kalypso.

2 April 2020. Although I am out of the simulation business nowadays I am still happy to respond to queries about the Kalypso package. No new versions are planned, but one day I might get around to recompiling a 64-bit version. Good luck.

July 26 2014. Version 3.21 of Kalypso is available (similar to 3.20, but fixes various interface annoyances and adds some new example projects).

9 April 2013. Version 3.20 of Kalypso is now available. Download details can be found here. This version now handles up to 5 target atom types in ISS simulations, allows 0-, 2- or 3-dimensional periodicity in simulation crystallites, and produces XAFS chi(k) spectra (with the help of FEFF) from molecular dynamics configurations. The package comes with tutorials and many example projects, includes the Kalypso project divider, a utility that allows multi-run simulations to exploit multi-core processors.