LED Projects at BESU

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I am in-charge of Electrical Maintenance of B. E. S. U. on behalf of Govt. of West Bengal, Public Works Directorate.  As, the University is going to become a green University, We have a lot of works to do.  Here we have mainly two types of jobs. One the NEW projects and the others are maintenance of the existing Installations.

In streetlight, there are all over sodium lamps with Electromagnatic Ballasts and Fluroscent tube with EM Ballast. Now we are replacing the EM Ballasts with Electronics Ballast for fluorescent lamps. But as the availability of reliable electronics ballast of HPS lamps in India is rare, we cannot replace them. Now, in new Roads, we are trying to use LED Luminaires. As the University maintenance is a duty of Govt. (Where money comes from) we cannot do any work except we can prove that it is financially beneficial. For, LED Luminaires, as we got the RUUD LED streetlights with 5 years comprehensive warranty, we can meet the goal and now going to Fix it. We got 5 Luminaires with 40 LED for testing and fixed one and checked at night and found satisfactory though, the tilt angle have to be modified for LEDs. The average lux level achieved more than 4 lux which is required for B2 standard road as per IS. Here is two pictures and the comperative study with HPS Luminaire. The Ballast uses Philips make. It was initially fixed with 700 ma current setting so that to check the heat generation and heat dissipation.

Comparison Study


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-Kalyan Prodhan