The aim of this program is to build the village clusters as a single cohesive unit. We all know the power of a cohesive society. A fragmented society is always vulnerable and on the other hand, a cohesive society is always prepared to handle the worst of situations.

The methods of achieving the targets set forth in this program shall be through help of respected village elders and volunteers who can act as role models for others to emulate.

We shall select people from diverse communities and religions who can educate people on the fact that the basic tenets of all faiths are the same - although they all might call 'GOD' by a different name.

We need to educate people to 'love' others than 'hate' them. And who better than the villagers themselves who have interactions on a daily basis.

Other audio-visual mediums,which are easy to grasp, can be used for educating the village people.

And all this cannot be achieved through a very regular socio-cultural interaction between people of villages. This shall be organized by the local monitoring committee, setup within each village and re-elected or re-selected on a round robin basis to achieve fairness in these committees and the work they are aiming at.