Low cost green housing, till date, has been a concept only within reach of the big builders and people with enough money to get constructions done in urbanized setups. However, if we approach low cost green housing on the basis of needs of people in villages and their basic concerns, then it can be addressed very simply.

The basic needs from a house in villages, is to provide shelter from natural elements and to still be receptive to the elements of nature, to be able to conserve rainwater where required, to be able to conserve solar power and windpower where needed and to harvest the use of power for farming and other energy needs in villages.

Under this program, the village people shall be provided with low cost green housing through proper private sector investments in channels to utilize the natural elements for tapping energy and providing it through proper distribution channels to the village as well as exporting surplus power to urban areas thus aiding in revenue generation for the village.

Low cost options for cooking and water heating shall also be provided to village people and they shall be encouraged to use green fuel rather than deplete the forest wood or coal.