Under this program, the village shall be equipped with the latest in computing technologies and with proper facilities of low-cost internet so that village people can also reap the benefits of email, information on subjects like farming, health, banking and insurance, law etc.

A training body shall be created which shall embark on a 'train the trainers' program. Under this program, a batch of potential future trainers shall be picked up and shall be provided professional training for various subjects on computer and IT. After this, these trained people shall be inducted as trainers for the next batches.

A computer lab with testing and certification shall also be setup in the village.

It is important in this program to have softwares and other training material in dual languages like a local language and english, so proper care has to be taken to ensure products procured fulfil this basis requirement as a rule.

Among other applications to be used and provided training for in this lab, an application for farm products' sale and trading shall be provided to enable the farmers to make effective use of this platform for use in forecasts and analysis of demand and supply and also fix market-competitive prices.