All of the programs which Kalyanodai has decided to undertake, for a single model GGGV center, shall be accomplished on basis of the following assumptions :-

1) There shall be 100 households, each household shall have an average of 5 members and for each watershed model village, there shall be 10 villages in a cluster. This assumption means a population for a model village shall be 5000.

2) Each person shall contribute Rs 4700 in 5 years for a total contribution of Rs 32 Cr to sensitize the GGGV project. This works out to be Rs 940 or about Rs 3 per day for each members of a model center.

3) Per person yearwise expected capacity enhancement has been worked out as below :-

1st year 2nd year 3rd year 4th year 5th year Total Money Flow

31000/- 10000+31000/- 50000+41000/- 75000+91000/- 100000+166000/- 564000/-

4) Year by year per capita income increased due to capacity building from Rs 31000/-(USD 740) to Rs 1 lac(USD 2380). This means poverty eliminated with sustainable green growth of society.

5) Expected money flow in 5 years is Rs. 282 Cr(Rs 5.64 lac X 5000)

6) Expected Direct and Indirect Revenue to GOI at 10% of Rs 282 Cr is 28 Cr approx. This is on a government investment of 8 Cr only.

7) Expected capacity enhancement is 20 times

8) Demonstrative project size in each of the 28 states of India is -

32 cr X 28 = 896 Cr

9) Period of this project is 5 years and success of this project depends on timely financial arrangements from all stakeholders

10) Two of the most important and decisive factors in the success of this project are

a) Confidence of Village people for growth

b) Confidence of Donor on this project