Hindu contributions to World heritage

 History of Science and technology in ancient Bharat, that is India

Science in ancient India : Subhash Kak(November 2005)

Hindu Cultural legacy



Hindu contributions to world heritage are phenomenal and extensive. Hindu civilization is among the oldest civilizations of the globe for nearly 8 millennia since 6500 BCE when the burial of a woman in Mehergarh revealed a wide bangle and other ornamennts made of s'ankha (turbinella pyrum) worn by her. s'ankha is an industry which continues even today in Bharatam, that is India. In Kir..akkarai (Tiruchendur), West BengalHandicrafts Development Corporation has an office. the annual turnover of s'ankha sales is Rs. 50 crores (over $10 million). Why so? No Bengali marriage is complete without a s'ankha bangle and no festivity or worship complete without s'ankha naada (conch as a trumpet yielding the sound OM). S'ankha adorns the hand of many murti-s in Hindu tradition of murti-s as divine metaphors.

Mohenjodaro, Pushkarini

Cultures after the Sarasvati Civilization, 1800 to 1000 BCE

Continuing traditions

Copper and bronze implements (Sarasvati civilization)

Maritime trade with the west

Great Kunda (stepped cistern) at Abaneri

Vavs, stepwells of Gujarat

Steps to water (7 slides)